5 Essential Tips for New Drivers

Follow These Guidelines to Keep Out of Trouble

Whether you have passed your driving test in the first or third attempt, it doesn’t really matter. You have done the hard yards and it is now time to reap the rewards.

Any experienced driver will tell you that the only way to master driving is by driving a lot. Head out on your own by all means, but keep these points in mind always:

Eliminate distractions: Drive alone at first. It will be tempting to gather all your friends to show off the day after you pass your driving test, but this isn’t always the best idea for new drivers. You are much more likely to be distracted by a crowd in your car, especially if that crowd includes people of the opposite sex.

Dealing with Passengers: Be clear on ground rules for passengers. Eventually, you will want to drive somewhere with your friends but when you take them out, don’t be afraid to tell them to be quiet if they are putting you off. Never ever try to impress them by driving fast or recklessly.

Start Small: Don’t attempt to drive a huge distance in the first few weeks after your test. You may have passed, but the concentration required will still be high. Start will small distances and gradually increase the length of your trips every week. You will gain in confidence this way.

Plan Your Route: When it comes to a longer drive, plan your route and plan to stop at least every 2 hours. This goes for all drivers; you need to park safely, stretch your legs, visit the loo and get something to eat or drink. Do not drive till you are exhausted or sleepy as it can endanger your life.

Strictly No Booze: If you are designated the driver on a night out, it goes without saying that alcohol is out of the question. Even one drink if you are a new driver may impair your judgement, even if you are not over the limit. This rule still applies no matter how much experience you gain along the way.

Follow these tips and you will transition into a confident, smooth driver within no time.