5 Useful Winter Tips For Your Car

Are You Following This Checklist Every Winter?

We often take our car for granted because of the reliability it provides every single time we start it. However, it can start acting funny once winter comes along. Here are some simple tricks to ensure that your car keeps purring along smoothly all winter:

Check the Oil: This one is a timeless tip and should always be followed. If your oil has turned sludgy or if it’s running low, your engine won’t run efficiently.

Top up the oil or replace as required. Your car will hank you all winter.

Check the Tires: Winter and rains can render roads too slippery to drive on. Good tires are essential to navigate this difficulty with ease.

Check the depth of your tire treads regularly. It is recommended that the treads measure at least 3mm in depth.

Refill the Radiator: Whatever the season, it is vital to keep your car’s radiator topped up. In winter, it is especially important to use antifreeze, because it will stop the liquid in the cooling system from turning to ice.

Emergency Kit: Always have a well-stocked emergency kit stocked in your car. Keep a warm blanket, a large bottle of water, some emergency rations, a first-aid kit and a decent book in your car.

You may well be pleased to have planned ahead in case you are stranded.

Park Wisely: Try and park your car in spots where it will remain relatively warm. This will reduce chances of it failing to start on a cold winter morning. If you are unable to find a warm indoor spot, try to find a sheltered one at least.

This is the basic checklist which you must adhere to for a smooth winter experience.

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