7 Practical Tips to Extend the life of Your Car

Are These Points on Your Checklist?

Extending the life of your car is not as difficult as you think it is. Using some simple measures, you can easily extend its life by a few years. Here are 10 relatively simple ways to extend your vehicle’s life:

Tend to repairs: Every small issue with the engine and air conditioning should be looked into. You should use Dpf cleaners to protect the engine from particles that can cause severe damage. Take care of these problems at your earliest convenience to prevent further – and costlier – damage to your car down the road.

Oil change: Oil is essential to the proper operation of your engine. When oil levels are low or the oil is old and grimy, however, there is added friction between the moving parts that will eventually cause wear and tear to the engine. Get the oil changed regularly.

Air filter: Your air filter should be replaced about every 12,000 miles. Over time, dust accumulates on the filter, and this can negatively impact your gas mileage and even engine performance.

Tire pressure: Optimum tire pressure helps your mileage and increases the life of your car. Check your tire pressure on a regular basis.

Keep it clean: Regularly clean the interior and exterior of your car to keep it in pristine condition. Use wax and other products on the body of the car to keep the paint shining. Use our guides on top car wash soaps and shampoos to help you keep your car clean.

Park wisely: Always try to park in a sheltered area away from the sun. Sunlight bleaches the car paint and the color looks dull after prolonged exposure. Use a car cover if you cannot find such a spot.

Drive responsibly: Drive at optimum speed unless you are in a terrible emergency. High speeds, sudden stops and rapid sharp corners wear out your car at a fast rate.

Following these tips will ensure that you derive the maximum out of your car.