What To Do When The Birds Ruin Your Car’s Paint Job?

General Introduction

Being a car owner, many things are merely out of my power. We devote hours describing, washing, buffing, and increasing the gloss and gleam of our cars- just to have a bird flawlessly time their poops expelling procedure.

However, there are a number of great materials that can guard your paint area against the stigma caused by the bird stools, we receive a lot of queries about what to do when the birds ruin your car’s paint job. 

Notably, the bird filth is a very noxious mess. As per the research of those people who study the bird filth- it is reported that the pH level of the bird excrement competes with acid rain. The moment it touches the automobile, it is difficult to eliminate it very securely- not just a rapid tour to the drive up car wash-down either. In case it does not happen so then it can gradually pierce the clear coat, making a semi-enduring discoloration that will show up.

However, there are choices to contemplate, and that is what we will clarify in this piece. Additionally, we will discuss why it leads to so much harm and damage and will give a few tips for guarding your car against being damaged in the first go. Nevertheless, we will also elaborate solutions for such car owners to what do

How Bird Excrement Damages Car Paint?

It is one important aspect of the whole discussion, so we will start discussing firstly the motorized paint is smeared utilizing the four-step procedure.

So firstly, the simple metal is washed with the chemical acid bath, which eliminates imperfections, oil, greases, and other impurities. Secondly, a substance used as a preparatory coat i.e. primer coating is smeared to the metal to give a base-coating. Thirdly, the paint is scattered on top of the primer coating, mostly of two or three coats. Lastly, a clear coating gives a tough coat of protection.

Additionally, the key issue is that the clear coats are that tough. In reality, the modern paints are much slimmer or diluted than other back in days, denoting that the automobile paint jobs are rapidly contacted to the impurities that can lead to major damage. This comprises of the bird stuff.

Bird Excrement Is Made Of Strong Acid

Just like every other waste products or materials, the bird excrement is made of the acids cracking up the food. However, the birds do not have a usual or standard digestion system. They utilize cloaca, which utilizes the urine or uric acid crystals to break down the bugs, insects, seeds, and other things they eat. Meanwhile most of the “food or items” the birds take in have acidic levels; these make a perfect hurricane to prepare some highly explosive stuff.

Interestingly, the pH level of bird excrement is from 3.5 to 4.5. This is the point when the burning of paint and clear coatings take place. So due to this cause, it abandons a discoloration when it remains on the paint or another area for a longer period.

How Long Does It Take For Bird Poop to Damage Paint?

The sooner their excrement is exposed to the paint, the damage starts. As we mentioned that the bird’s filth is highly acidic. However, it is the kind of acid that brings variation in this situation. Moreover, uric acid is among the most explosive and reactive acids out there. The bird excrement is also extremely gluey. Interestingly, those birds who are an inhabitant of the peaks and valleys have this attribute of sticking to the clear coat.

The sticky bird excrement blazes or burns the superior coating of whatever place it touches. It can start to instigate the damage to the plastic trim, vinyl coverings, PPF, or clear coats that are elastic within a few hours. This is a key cause of why it is so necessary to eliminate the bird excrement accurately as soon as you observe it on the automobile.

How to Remove Bird Droppings From Your Car Safely?

Now it is time to tell you some technical or procedural stuff i.e. giving five of the most general tactics to eliminate the bird poop from your car. The things utilized subsequently have been depicted to securely eliminate the bird excrement with very less hazard to your automobile’s existing paint section or clear coat.

Notably, these tactics are for elimination purposes from the car paint, some stuff like glass, vinyl, or plastic trim should utilize field products for those resources.

1. The WD-40

The WD-40 has got several usages for instance it cleans the dried bird excrement from your car paintwork. This greatly influencing spray oil pierces the bird excrement as it dries up and bonds to the clear coat and can be cleaned or rubbed.

In order to get the finest outcome, you need to assure that your auto is not in contact with the direct sunlight. You can scatter the complete section affected with WD-40 but prior to this, let the surface temperature to be similar to the room temperature. Moreover, let it immerse for a minute then clean with the moist cloth or microfiber towel or rub it with the spray hosepipe. It is suggested to utilize a motorized soap and wash-down the hand right after the elimination of the remnant. You do not need to take it to the local car washing shop and presume that it is all better.

2. The Hot Water and Baking Soda

The vital DIY solution for eliminating the bird excrement is to utilize the baking soda and hot water. The tactic needs a box of baking soda. It is not necessary to utilize the complete box. So, the 32-ounce spray bottle and warm tap water is needed. Now mix four tablespoons of the baking soda and merge it with the 32-ounce of hot or warm water. Next, shake the spray bottle unless the baking soda completely merges with the water. Now once when you are done, scatter the solution on the bird excrement and permit it to drench for five or ten minutes. Later, rub it with the hosepipe. As instructed like before (WD-40 option), accomplish the procedure by washing your car.

3. Bird Excrement Car Wipes

Ok, we did not know that this product or item was available before. However, there are products made for specific reasons just like for the elimination of the bird excrement that has dried up on the upper layer of paint. They are mostly manufactured with the extremely elastic bamboo and biodegradable stuff that drenched in a distinct formula that cracks up the uric acid bird excrement. Utilize as instructed by every maker.

4. The Club Soda

You might have heard that the can of the Coke can wash away the rust, so you better use it without its chemicals and utilize its carbonated water for the bird shit elimination. For applying this method, you should take only the club soda or seltzer water. Now, shake it very well before use and scatter it on the bird excrement. This tactic is useful when done on glass since you will observe it drenching and later with the utilization of wipers to cleanse it.

Notably, you do not need to utilize the Cola’s since it will lead to more harm to a number of surfaces so use just simple club soda.

5. The Instant Detail Spray

There are a number of really good instant detail sprays available. Similarly, many of them are very good at eliminating the bird shit from the motorized area. The main thing is to assure utilizing the detail sprays manufactured for the stuff you are scattering the spray on.

Some are just for the motorized paint and clear coats, meanwhile, some can be utilized in all areas. Utilize as instructed by the makers for the finest outcome and do it with the microfiber towel.

Why Is It Necessary To Be Cautious When Cleansing The Bird Excrement From The Car?

The bird excrement is highly tacky and can stick to the paint of the car very rapidly. When it sticks then it literally soaks into the clear coating of the pain area. This creates it enough difficult to wipe off, unless you crack up the chemicals or uric acid discovered in the bird stool, then clean it up.

The only thing you do not like doing is to scrape the bird’s stool with your fingernail or other things. This is a funny thing but at the same time uncultured thing to do as well as it is very difficult to take that shit out from the under of your fingernail. Moreover, it is damaging to the clear coat. Utilize the tactics mentioned previously to securely eliminate it.

How to Fix the Discoloration and Stigma Done by Bird Poop?

We will explain a few technical guidelines for this common issue that almost all of us encounter with.

The Topical Stains

The first kind of paint harm done by the bird shit is regarded to as a topical stain. This occurs when the bird excrement starts to blaze into the clear coat but is eliminated prior to long-lasting harm happens. Emphatically, it is a light stigma that is on the top layer of the clear coat. The finest way to eliminate these stigmas is by utilizing a buffing or cutting compound. In this procedure, you will require the subsequent things

  1. An electric buffer
  2. Microfiber towel
  3. Buffing compound
  4. The Microfiber polishing towel

We have given these simple steps to follow.

First Step: Wash away the auto:

The primary thing you want to do is to wash away the affected section by utilizing the two-buckets washing tactic. This will eliminate most of the contaminants and impurities on the surface, so you do not instigate extra scraping when you are accomplishing the buffing step.

Second Step: Utilize a clay Mitt

The second process is to utilize a clay bar or clay to eliminate as many microscopic impurities that are shut in the clear coat. This may clean the stigma which signifies you won’t have to step further.

Third Step: Bind off the area

In case you have a particular area of the bird shit that has stigmatized the surface then you can specify the treatment area by polishing it out with the glossing wheel and compound. It is a god thought to bind off that area so that you can concentrate your hardships on that point.

Forth Step: Accomplish the Paint Correction

In this step, you are doing this slight paint correction. We have provided several pieces in this regard for the purpose of entailing you on how to complete the paint correction process.

The Fifth Step: Take off the tape and buff the whole section

To make things look good and even, contemplate doing a last polish on the entire section. In case, the area or points are on the hood, buff the whole hood, so you do not need to have low or high sections.

The Cracked Paint or Etching:

The second damage that it causes is called fractured or etched paint. This is one grave paint damaging thing done by the extreme contact to the bird shit and collapsing to eliminate it rapidly. In most cases, you want to have a professional person to accomplish it since it is a technical task as well as time taking and can be complicated to complete.

The products you can utilize to guard paint from bird shit damage:

Even though utilizing wax for your car and smearing paint sealants are really good for giving shield against UV rays and other slight impurities, they are not good for the bird shit. As we have already mentioned, bird shits have an extremely acidic pH level. In case the bird shit remains on the auto then with carnauba wax or a paint sealant only, it can easily wash away at those natural or artificial wax is in a matter of few days.

In case, you are probing for the right paint correction from bird shits, then a better quality ceramic coating is really the best choice. A Nano-ceramic coating is a quartz-based liquid polymer that is smeared by a certified technician or with the specific DIY formulas that can be followed by the average car enthusiast.

The ceramic coating is constituted of SiO2 (Liquid quartz) When it is smeared, it gives a remarkably robust coat of the shield that seals those microscopic flaws discovered on clear coats, plastic trim, vinyl wrap, PPF, wheels, and even glass.

This tough shield of safety can stand against the contact with the UV rays, salt, and bird shits for about 3 to 5 years in some situations. Similarly, it can be followed on any vehicle surface even on plastic or chrome-plated things.

The Most complete ceramic coating DIY Kit for consumers:

The DIY kit comprises everything that you require to conduct a professional level ceramic coating excluding any prior experience.

The shielded surface gets highly hydrophobic when the coating cures. This signifies that gluey stuff (just like bird shit) have a difficult time sticking to the surface. Thus, you can simply cleanse and eliminate them by spraying off with the hose.