Busting the Top 10 Ceramic Coating Myths

Commonly the ceramic products are found to be the best one, however, they are not flawless.  Nobody presumes the features as the best one since they are marketed in that way. Precisely, the reality is twisted just to sell them in the market. This piece is based on all the top 10 myths that have been conveyed to people.

1. Ceramic Coatings Make a Car Rock Chip Resistant

The first myth or misleading fact is that if you have applied DIY ceramic coating it will prevent the car rock chip. It is no doubt that ceramic coatings are very robust and adhere to the clear coat of the car to make a microscopic however robust slim armor of safety.

On the contrary, if something has to resist the rock chip then it requires to be flexible and absorbing material in order to soak up the impact irrespective of triggering any harm.

Thus, a paint protection film operates in this way. Additionally, it is manufactured of the long-lasting and pliable polymer that can soak up the impact of small rocks and remnants. In case the PPF is scratched or damaged then the self-healing attributes of the material will blend in together. Contrarily, in case the rock is huge or bigger than usual, it will surely probe a way to pierce even the strongest PPF.

2. Ceramic Coatings are not Affected by Chemicals

The second myth is about the chemical resistance of the ceramic coating. However, this is true to an extent since the rigidity of the Nano-ceramic coating aids to guard the clear coating of the paint. For instance, chemicals like degreasers bug and tar remover, and those alongside the alcohol can damage the clear coat; pierce the paint, and ultimately leading to complete impairment. When the high-quality ceramic coating is applied then it will let the chemicals pierce the 9H coating rigidity.

3. The Self-Healing Feature of the Ceramic Coating Products

Since we have already talked about this self-healing myth of the ceramic coating, it does not have any such feature. Additionally, there are some ceramic coating products that utilize a polymer material that assists to soak up the microscopic

Damages, however, that is achieved through polishing the coating surface. Moreover, there are a number of other products which are self-healing in an attribute such as PPF. This is made to A self-healing product like PPF is designed to restore the damage done by the small rocks, sticks, bird droppings, and lightweight road byproducts. The restoration happens to be started with the heat.

4. The Fire-Proof Attribute of Ceramic Coating

It is a very interesting one out of all other myths. This feature of the ceramic coating was actually promoted through advertisement. They tested through pouring some igniting fluids onto the newly coated paint surface and fire a huge fireball. Later, after 10 seconds, the fire disappears and abandons a slight black film.

Moreover, the vehicle itemizing expert then smears a microfiber cloth over the surface and aftermath about a minute of prod oil. Lastly, it comes back to its original state.  

Now, we will be telling you the facts behind this test.

  1. Firstly, they utilized low temperatures igniting the fuel that blazes rapidly. Similarly, it does not have sufficient time to damage the painted or coated area.
  2. Basically, this test was conducted for the purpose of showing how good coating blazes when exposed to heat. Nevertheless, it can also get damaged due to UV light.

The truth about this myth is that some Nano-ceramic coatings are helpful for the purpose of guarding the coating when exposed to heat or UV light. Moreover, it does not make car fire resistant unless some ceramic coatings dealer drenches 5-gallons of gasoline on a newly coated area.

5. Ceramic Coatings are Guaranteed Products for as Long as You Keep the Car

Everything comes with warranties or surety that for how long they will properly function. In the same way, the ceramic coating comes with warranties that are grounded on the amount or layers of coating an expert dealer smear. 

In addition, there are few limitations mandatory by the certified installer which is given as follow:

  1. Before installation, the completion of the paint correction.
  2. Layering down specific kinds of coatings and in varying amounts.
  3. Convincing the clients for daily upkeep visits to the ability of post-installation.

Interestingly, the Nano-coating does not come with the warranties for a specified period of time since there are a number of factors that influence the durability of a car’s paint, for instance, prep-work, installation, and the eminence of the clear coat.

Moreover, it is not feasible to foretell the durability meanwhile those factors are beyond the regulation of the most ceramic coating companies, specifically, the DIY Nano-coating market.

6. The Utilization of Wax is not Required After Applying the Ceramic Coating

Well! This myth is true since it stands for the reason. Before smearing the ceramic coating, it is mostly advised to put on the high gloss polish on the top of the clear coat. In this way, it assists to excel in the gleam and gloss of the Nano-ceramic coating product. You need to know why the auto gleams so much aftermath of smearing them. It is because that a slim layer of the glass that mirrors the light remarkably well.

There is no necessity of smearing car wax aftermath of ceramic coating because the wax is made to give a slim layer of the guard. Most probably, it adds more productivity.

7. When the Ceramic Coating is Installed, the vehicle becomes Scratch Proof

There is some difference you need to learn between scratch-resistant and scratch proof. It does not mean that ceramic coating is scratch proof when it has been accurately smeared can eventually aid to defy the scratches since it is scratch resistant. Interestingly, you will unearth the greatest scratch resistance when there is the decline of swirl signs aftermath of washing the vehicle.

On the contrary, there is a discussion needed for the sake of swirl signs that your car gets the way it gets washed. Concerning this issue, most of the ceramic companies show beforehand precautions teaching their clients how to wash the vehicle. This constitutes using two wash buckets. You need to rub each area whilst washing and parching in the upward and backward direction but never in the circle.

Further, the small scratches can be polished with the microfiber cloth but in case you annoy someone and they scratch your car with a key then it probably can’t guard your vehicle.

8. The Sluggish Car Owners are the Only Ones Who Need Ceramic Coating Products

This myth is certainly going to get busted since the semi-durable coating is advertised at its best and sold out to those who feel satisfied with the lavish vehicle and want to conserve their time, money, and effort just to upkeep the car looking good. Though you do not need to often wax and shine the vehicle However, it is still suggested to wash your vehicle after every two weeks whilst utilizing the right methods and tools.

9. It is Not Necessary to Utilize the Car Soap to Wash Away a Ceramic Coated Vehicle

This is misled information conveyed. This is true that the remnant goes away with the when the ceramic coating is applied since it aids to decline water spots and conserves the exceptional hydrophobic attributes. On the contrary, it does not refer to meaning that you will not have to utilize any car shampoo.

Moreover, you do need to use high-quality automotive washing soap to wash away the vehicle after every two weeks. This aids to eliminate the persistent remnant and smaller particles. Moreover, this assists in the conservation of coating and prolongs its durability.

10. If the Car is Newly Purchased then you can Escape the Prep Work

It has been reported that the average time for a new car/auto on the lot was 70 days meanwhile the car dealerships wash down their automobile after every few days. It parallels to the 30 days washes that can expectedly show swirl signs. There is always some remnant of dirt even though the car is newly delivered from the factory to the garage. Thus, the prep work is essential for the main functioning and durability just like DIY Nano-ceramic coating i.e. Armor Shield IX.

In a nutshell, it is concluded that the ceramic coating is one good way to retain the auto neater, excel the gleam, and guard the auto from the UV light. In the contrary, you need to assure prior to investing that you verify the information you may have read online somewhere through conversing with the manufacturer directly. They can instruct you very well in this regard.