Clay Bar Detailing: How to Use a Clay Bar?

We are too familiar with the hard work on the car cleaning due to unavailability of different car tools. It used to be difficult to remove the dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the car. However, life has become way more convenient and handy because of various tools utilized specifically for cleansing auto purposes.

We are fortunate than other people back in the days who used to struggle even for little things too. You can simply observe the difference between then and now, nevertheless always thanking the technology.

Conferring to the suggested topic, the DO IT YOURSELF supporters and other pro detailers utilize clay bar kit to remove the stubborn dirt and make ready the paint for enriched protection brands and products, such as the ceramic coating.

In case you are a beginner to DIY car maintenance and are wondering about purchasing a do it yourself ceramic coating, it is simply probable you have been suggested to use clay bar initially.

 On the contrary, what is clay barring care? How is it utilized to give an even surface? Can it be done by a detailer or is it a DIY solution? Or even better why is it so significant to utilize prior to smearing a ceramic coating?

In this piece of writing, we will reply to these asked questions.

What is a Clay Bar?

  1. The recent or latest automotive clay bar is a particularly made resin blend that many automotive rapid detailer companies utilize to get rid of the dirt and other debris from the paint, metal, fiberglass, or glass. It is either innate or artificial, with utmost clay bar products made with artificial constituents.
  2. Secondly, it is identical to innate clay since it is very flexible which allows it to be expanded or shaped into distinct shapes. This comprises even or plane surfaces like that on your auto. On the contrary, its flexibility also permits it to escape into the minute flaws or dirt discovered on the clear-coated surfaces. When it is utilized accurately, its adhering trait takes minute particles of dirt, which abandons the surface reasonably neat.
  3. It is obtainable in many categories by a number of companies like Chemical Guys, Meguire’s Clay Bar, and so forth.
  4. You can find its very elastic and smooth categories which are made to get rid of small dirt and are normally utilized for light filth elimination projects or routine upkeep for the somber car wax utilizers.
  5. Nevertheless, it is also available in the tough or hard categories too. They are frequently utilized as prep stuff for the elimination of intensely entrenched dirt. The issue with the tougher clay bar stuff is they show a greater danger of harming the paint. They normally need waxing the aftermath of washing down the vehicle to seal any fleabags.

What is the History of the Clay Bar Treatment?

The Primary Variants of Clay Bar Treatment:

The initial variant of clay bar cure we utilized, were at the beginning unveiled by a Japanese scientist namely the Tadao Kodate in the 1980s. The creation was utilized solely as an automotive paint dirt removal creation greatly in Japan and Korea unless it was found by an American vehicle wax consultant, Dennis Dehn while visiting the Far East. He operated with Mr. Kodate to launch the detailing clay creation through an automotive wax corporation in the 1990s.

The Latest Clay Bar Variants Have Been Announced:

Nowadays, most clay bars are made by a similar prime company, as they own a patent on the creation which invalidated in 2014. Since then the latest clay bar variant creations for instance the clay mitt has been presented to the auto treatment sector.

The Detailing Clay Mitt:

So, a detailing clay mitt is identical in pattern and outline to a wash mitt but comprises small, ornate artificial clay materials that complete a similar job. Actually, the numbers of car treatment fans favor utilizing the clay mitt, as it suits conveniently on your hand and coats a huge surface area.

How Does Vehicle Detailing Clay Operate?

Slide Down the Surface of the Automobile

You can probably wonder about the clay bar cure as a handy and moveable flypaper. Necessarily, it operates by sliding down the surface of your painted auto and lifts things that overhang from the surface area like filth and contaminants.

The Specks On the Paint is Assembled

It assembles or lifts the specks that have adhered to the clear coat of paint since the clay is very gluey and adhesive. On the account of its gummy trait, the creation (product) is utilized by smearing a lubricant on the area often. This assists to lessen friction and the development of heat, which declines the capacity of the paint damage.

Gentle and Secure

WHEN YOU UTILIZE the clay bar cure as suggested by the makers, it is wholly gentle and secure. Actually, majority pro detailers pick to utilize a surface clay bar as compared to often buffing, since this way does not get rid of the clear coatings. In order to be influencing, any type of clay bar must be utilized with clay grease. 

Can You Make Your Own Clay Bar Lube?

Whereas the majority of makers and auto detailers propose spray lubricants specifically made for their clay bars, DIY fans can make their own clay bar lube utilizing a dense blend of water with the auto-specific car wash shampoo.

What Does the Clay Bar Treatment Take Off?

The majority of car owners will utilize the clay bar cure when they are making ready their autos for an enduring paint shield creation, for instance, the PPF, ceramic coating, or paint sealant.

1. It Takes Off the Impurities Jammed in the Clear Coating:

It is made to take off the hard impurities and pollutants that incline to become jammed in the clear coating such as brake grime, the road dirt, the acid rain deposits, rail soil, metal specks, bird shits and its stains, and other types of paint impurities.

2. It is Utilized Prior to Smearing the Ceramic Coating

The cause that it is suggested to utilize clay bar prior to utilizing a ceramic coating especially is on the account of the probability of oxidation. The majority of pollutants comprise a similar extent of acids, or they grow older, start to damage or crack.

Accidentally, the fragments will pierce the clear coat and start to erode the paint surface. When you smear a ceramic coating, the debris is jammed beneath the coating, which hastens the paint destructing procedure.

When Do You Require to Clay Bar Your Auto?

Meanwhile, it is difficult to clay bar cure your car as a share of the pre-ceramic coating installation procedure, there are other times when accomplishing a clay bar treatment is suggested. Similarly, there is an easy DIY trial that will assist you to find out when it is the right time.

The “Bag Trial” to decide the necessity for clay bar cure:

It is known as the bag test. Fundamentally, the procedure comprises utilizing a zip-lock or typical sandwich plastic bag. The bag plays as an enlarging glass for your fingers, as minute specks are enlarged to feel like sandy or an uneven surface.

What Are The Steps for Doing the Bag Test?

All you require doing is wholly wash down and parch the vehicle with a microfiber cloth. This will assist in lessening the swirl signs. When this has been done, you fit the sandwich bag over your hand, and softly rinse or clean the paint surface. In case you feel sandy or uneven surfaces, you require to clay bar the vehicle.

What Are the Steps for Utilizing a Clay Bar or Clay Mitt?

In case you have concluded that it is high time for a clay bar treatment, the procedure is reasonably easy to accomplish. Majority auto clay is vended as a two or eight-ounce bar. A two-ounce one is more than sufficient to accomplish the treatment of utmost cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Whereas, the DIY fans can create their own spray lubricant with automotive car soap, numbers of makers of clay bars and clay mitts create clay special lubricant prescription that operates finely for their products. 

The seven steps are subsequently mentioned for removal of filth and impurities from your auto.

First Step: Wash Down and Parch Your Auto:

Utilizing the two bucket ways was already discussed in depth in How to wash down your car piece of writing. That article encloses all the essential steps of taking off the grime and surface impurities, giving you with a cleansed pattern to operate with.

Second Step: Assemble Your Tools

Buyers have got two choices for clay treatment and the majority of them are vended as a DIY set. You can utilize a handheld clay or a clay mitt, whichever of them you want. We have delineated the pros of every above, so it really falls to ease or personal choice.

Tools Required for Clay Bar Cure:

In order to accomplish a clay bar cure accurately, you will require the subsequent tools

  1. Clay Bar or Clay Mitt
  2. The bottle of clay bar emollient spray
  3. Cleansed microfiber tower (three in quantity)
  4. Plastic sandwich bag

Third Step: Choose a Targeting Point:

The clay bar cure is preeminently accomplished in small parts at a time normally, not greater than 2-feet x 2-feet. It is good to plan, to begin with, the left front of the auto, and accomplish the parts in rotatory motion unless you come back to the initial beginning point.

Forth Step: Spray the Grease:

Utilizing the suggested grease, smear a substantial amount of grease on the area you will be operating. The vital thing here is not to withhold on lubrication.

Fifth Step: Start to Clay the Auto:

When the surface area is appropriately greased, you will start to softly slide the clay bar or clay mitt forward or backward on the area. When you are accomplishing this, you will feel the clay bar or mitt start to grasp at the paint section. It is innate, so nothing to worry about.

Bring the clay or shove it in forth and back movement, unless the grabbing level lessens. Keep on smearing the grease in case required unless the whole section has been accomplished.

Sixth Step: Examine your Job:

The finest method to decide in case you are done with a part is to utilize a neat, plastic sandwich bag. We started this examination previously, where you will utilize the plastic bag as a magnifying glass to signify in case the surface area is neat and impurities free.

The essential thing to think of is to always examine your job and accomplish every sector completely prior to going to the next part.

Seventh Step: Rub the Vehicle With Neat Water and Parch:

When you have accomplished the whole clay bar or mitt cure, wind up the task accurately by pouring fresh water over the whole auto. This will take off any soap remnant or moveable specks from the clay treatment. When you have completed, utilize many microfiber towels to wholly parch the auto.

In Conclusion

Utilizing a clay bar or mitt is a convenient method to take off the impurities that are firmly entrenched in the paint surface. The majority of makers suggest utilizing a clay bar to cure your non-ceramic coated paint minimum annually once.

In case you are a clay curing your auto smearing a DIY ceramic coating, contemplate utilizing a complete prep set, for instance like the one we are proposing soon. This set couples with a latest and furnished clay mitt and our exceptional clay mitt lubricant spray, sufficiently better to clay cure utmost autos.