How to Fix a Key Scratch on Your Car?

We all try our best to conserve the original state of our things but many times we fail either due to our own negligence or someone else’s conduct. In the same manner, all the drivers try to upkeep the condition of their cars like a newly bought car. Contrarily, they collapse doing so. One of the many damages to the car can be in the shape of the “Keyed Scratch”.

This can be done by anyone i.e. a passerby, kids, or any next person. Interestingly, you can have insurance for such damage to your car; however, you should know how to fix a key scratch on your car.

1. Wash-Down and Parch the Artificial Car Sheet

Firstly, you should wash away the scratched section since this will assist you to know to what extent the scratch has been incurred to the car surface. When you are done washing that scratched area then you need to parch or dry it with a microfiber towel. Notably, you need to give more time to get dry since the damp or moist area does not absorb the paint.

2. Examine the Depth or Extent of Damage (Scratched Area)

In case, the scratch changes and affects the clear coat then it is feasible to fix the last coat easily by polishing the scratch. Nevertheless, it is not that costly to renovate.

On the contrary, if the whole last coat has been damaged and penetrated then it has already affected the paint of the car. Similarly, if the depth of the scratched area has damaged the bare metal then it is going to affect your pocket, ranging from $800 to $1500.  The charges also rely on the fact that how many areas have got scratches. Thus, you will be in need of the vehicle body repair expert to renovate the paint of the car.

How to Check the Clear Coat Scratch?

In order to examine the clear coat scratch, you are required to make a soapy solution. Later, you should spray and clean it with the microfiber cloth. During this cleaning time, you need to note the scratch too. In case, the scratch vanishes after parching and again reappears after few minutes then it is obviously clear coat damage. However, if the scratch does not go away even after drying then it is certainly a deep scratch.

3. Guard the Surrounding Section

This is an important part of the whole procedure that you protect the other sanding parts which do not need any renovation. You can do it by covering the margin of the scratched area with the tape. However, you need to leave about 2 to 3 inches on both ends of the scratched area. In this way, you can easily spray the area where it is needed.

You can spread old newspaper too on the areas where the renovation is not needed.

Use Different Colors to Mark the Scratches

When you are rubbing the clear coat, you need to do it in a manner that is rubbed to the depth of damage. It will also help you not doing again. If the damage is to the extent of a clear coat then you need to sand it to that level.

In addition, when you use a different color like sanding shoe polish with a color that is distinct from the color of your car can help you give the original color of the car. In this way, you can get to the bottom of the scratch.

4. Commence Rubbing

This is mostly called the dull and monotonous part of the whole procedure. However, you should not haste while doing it since it can get worse.

Step 1: Get 2000-3000 Grit Sandpaper along the rubbing block

You can use it by wrapping the sandpaper around the rubbing block. Moreover, the leveled or smooth surface of the rubbing block will aid in the provision of pressure on the scratched area.

Step 2: Use a Soapy Solution as a lubricant

Later, you need to make a soapy solution ready to use as a lubricant during the rubbing procedure. You can always start dipping the sandpaper in the soapy solution. Set the direction and angle of the rubbing block at a 60-degree angle comparative to the chimed section.

Step 3: Check the Pressure Exerted on the Surface

During rubbing the surface, you need to look out how much pressure you are exerting. Also, examine the color you applied on the surface. In case, you have noted that color has starting dwindling then you are close to the bottom of the scratch.


Moreover, you are recommended to moist the sandpaper every time you use it.  It will be much better if you utilize the soapy solution to moisten the section after every 2 seconds.

5. Parch, Refine and Make it shinning

  1. Firstly, parch the section prior to heading to the next stage. Most probably, people utilize heat gun or hairdryer for parching.
  2. Secondly, get yourself a sanding compound and squash some onto the scratched area.
  3. Thirdly, bring out the polishing wheel and commence operating in that area. In case, you do not have a polishing wheel then you can utilize your hands for the purpose of polishing.
  4.  Next, you need a piece of cloth even better you can use a microfiber cloth.
  5. Finally, you are required for doing waxing your car. But that can happen at your option. Many car owners do this last ritual just to give this feeling of a new car.


In a nutshell, reparation of the key scratch is too easy in case the clear coat has been damaged otherwise it can cost you a lot. You probably would take your car to auto repair expert if the scratch cuts through the pain, metal, and primer. Also, everyone does recommend it when such incidents happen. SO you need to be very watchful in this regard.