Can You Mix Synthetic Oil With Regular Oil in a Car?

Cars are one of the most fascinating inventions. People of all ages admire them for distinguishable reasons. If you are passionate about a car or its well-being, then you might have also asked the same question: Can You Mix Synthetic Oil With Regular Oil in a Car?


Similarities and Differences Between Synthetic Oil And Regular Oils?   

The regular and synthetic oils, as the name suggests, are different from each other. But, they are similar too in some aspects

Similarities Between Synthetic Oil and Regular Oils

  • Both are petroleum-based Lubricants.
  • Both are derived from crude oil.
  • Highly involved in making your engine work smoothly.
  • Both release heat.
  • In clearing debris

But talking about the differences is what will make the issue more clear.

Differences Between Synthetic Oil and Regular Oils

Starting with the Regular Oil– It is also known by the name of conventional oil and is obtained from pure crude oil. Since regular oil is composed of natural contaminants like silicones, waxes, and paraffin, it is more heat resistant and can increase lubrication.

It is a lot cheaper than synthetic oil. Though it equally damages the environment due to its originality, it is still in use.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Regular Oil

Regular Oil:

Advantages Of Using Regular Oil Over Synthetic Oil

  • This motor oil is three times cheaper than synthetic oil.
  • At the time of manufacturing, regular oils are used to maintain the authenticity of motor vehicles. So it’s good to keep using conventional oils for the betterment of the vehicles.

Disadvantages Of Using Regular Oil Over Synthetic Oil

  • Conventional oils leave horrible environmental sludge which, is highly toxic for living beings.
  •  Its reduced lubrication in extreme cold and breakdown in extreme heat makes it less usable than synthetic oils.

Synthetic Oil:

It is popularly known as the unconventional oil. These are prepared chemically from the ingredients which have been synthesized. The main purpose of these synthesized oils is to increase performance. And this could lead to a more polluted environment with the highest number of additives used.

Although it is expensive than regular oil, it is highly beneficial to enhance performance.

Advantages Of Synthetic Oils Over Regular Oils

  • A decreased amount of chemical evaporation is monitored in the environment.
  • The engine experiences an increased amount of horsepower and torque.
  • Using synthetic oil can really help you run your vehicle on a very long trip.
  •  It has better lubrication activity in extreme temperatures.
  • By making use of synthetic oils, the fuel economy can have significant growth.
  • These do not contain any harmful detergent.
  • With the help of synthetic oils, extended drain intervals are seen.

Disadvantages Of Synthetic Oils Over Regular Oils

  • A change of synthetic oil can cost up to 3 times more than usual change with that of regular oil.
  • The decomposition of these oils is highly hazardous, especially in industries.
  • There are some places where synthetic oils are not at all recommended, like the rotatory engines, because these engines are responsible for injecting minute quantities to the combustion chambers leading to the gummy deposits.


Blend Of Both Oils – Is It The Best Of Both?

This third category which, falls under unconventional oils, is a mix of both the oils. They possess some additional qualities like increased viscosity and desired weight. And the most advantageous trait is that it is more feasible than others.

Is It Really Advantageous To Mix Synthetic Oil With Regular Oil?

It is the time to answer the most sensational question of the article- Can Synthetic oil be mixed with regular oil?

The simple answer to this question is – YES, it is possible to mix both of them together. Don’t be scared; your engine won’t freeze or explode. However, the overall effect will be reduced, and the oils will destabilize, making your engine dusty and corrosive. And this will highly impact your car’s performance. And when we think about this decision, financially, it is a complete waste of money, time, and energy, leaving you with no mere choices to take further actions.


When is the Right Time to Mix Synthetic Oil with Regular Oils?

But before we head towards two different types of the mix, let’s just know when it is the right time to mix both of them.

There are two options that can be considered vital when mixing the two.

1. Left with Less Oil

You can be low on fuel anytime, any day. And at that crucial time, you are left with one of the options of mixing them together.

The only thing that matters is that your vehicle should not run out of oil during those preceded times.

2. Switching Of Motor Oils Without Flushing

In cases like these, you ought to mix your new oil with the blend of the old ones. And the residues will clog the inner parts of the engine, making it dirtier.


What to Consider When Mixing Regular And Synthetic Oil?


Making a mix that gives you the benefits of both oils is very crucial. And to reap the most benefits, you need to keep in mind the method as well.

Compatibility With Vehicles

The oils which you are planning to mix should be compatible with your vehicles. For example – You can’t use a diesel-based engine to a gasoline-run car.

Go For Similar Additives

For this, you need to be extra picky when you are buying them. As an old additive can neutralize the new additive. Always try to find the oils which have similar ingredients and properties.

Similar Weight

The main parameter is the weight. It should be identical. As the weights act differently for temperatures and pressures, so having an imbalance mix can hamper the engine’s performance.



Automobiles have always been the most applauded inventions of all time. And the changes made in these cars- internally and externally have surprised us every time. When it comes to the heart of these vehicles- THE ENGINE, it has really come a long way with the time. And to make them last longer gracefully, we need to take care of them with precautions to cherish them our whole lives. That’s why taking good care of them with the best decisions can help you in the long run.