Here Are 5 Stress-Free and Simple Steps to Remove a Car Window Tint

Every broken thing can be mended or altered with a new one. Since we have a discussion about the car’s window tint, so it gets broken or damaged in one or another way sometimes. It is obvious that you cannot leave it in that condition, some replacement with new window tint is required. Commonly, you have two choices either change it by the auto shop or do it yourself. The former is a convenient option while the latter is just an interesting and easy option.

For your convenience, we have listed some five simple steps to detach your window.

  1. Arrange the required tools and objects
  2. Arrange the car and its window for replacement of new window
  3. Application of any one procedure
  4. Get rid of glue remainder from the window
  5. Post-operative care


1. Arrange the Required Tools and Objects

Commonly, the first step is known as the preparation step. In this step, you are required to prepare the tools or material for an upcoming procedure. You need to have all the essential equipment otherwise the point of starting the process is clueless and you will disturb the rhythm. This will further disturb your mind and won’t be able to concentrate on work.

The first step is further categorized into four other procedures on which the whole idea of window replacement is based. It includes:

  • Scrape Method
  • Ammonia and Sun Method
  • Hairdryer Method
  • Steamer Method
  • Soap and Newspaper method

The Scrape Method

In this method, you will need ordinary dish soap, glass cleaner, a spray bottle, and paper towels or pieces of rags. In addition, you will also need a knife (razor) or blade plus water.

The Soap and Newspaper Method

In case, you want to use this method for removal of the window then you need to prepare those tools which are in soap and scrape method but in addition, there are few things more to add in; newspaper, bowl or bucket, and sponge.

The Ammonia and Sun Method

This is the third matter which helps you in the same just as the preceding methods. So for this method, you need to have tools like:

  • Unutilized plastic garbage
  • Ammonia solution in a spray bottle
  • Ordinary dish wash soap
  • Blade or knife (razor)

Nevertheless, scissors, paper towels, and spray bottles alongside steel wool are also required.

The Hairdryer Method

This is the fourth method that can simply help you replace the window car tint. The equipment or constituents required for this process are:

  • Ordinary hairdryers
  • glass cleaner
  • piece of cloth (a clean one)
  • paper towels coupling with a razor knife or blade.

The Steamer Method

Conclusively, the steamer method is the last option you have for a change of window car tint. This method needs you to have subsequent essentials:

  • Fabric steamer
  • Adhesive remover
  • Water and paper towels or a clean piece of cloth.

Thus, the first step entails different methods and what materials these methods require.


2. Arrange the Car and Its Window for Replacement of New Window

Once you have decided to use which method, you are now required to prepare or arrange your car.

Check for Stickers or Decals

In order to simplify things, prior to starting the procedure of replacing the window check that it does not have any sticker or decals. If, no then well and good. You can easily proceed for the next step. Otherwise, you need to remove those decals and stickers.

Take Proper Precautions

Secondly, whatever method you are going to use which specifically requires electricity or heat, you need to take special care. For instance, in a method like a hairdryer and a steamer method, an extension wire is required i.e. a lengthy one. The length of extension wire has to be likely to the extent that when you are working inside the car, it should reach there too. Additionally, you need to assure that the wire is plugged and based correctly.

Keep One Door Open If You’re Using the Steamer Method

Lastly, in case you want to use the steamer method then it is essential to note to remember i.e. keep open one door of your car that is not currently being worked on. In other cases, if you have a sunroof car then you can possibly keep that open. It will not let the car be overheated. This thing should be applied in the Ammonia method too.


3. Application of Any One Procedure

The third step includes the whole process in which the window car tint is replaced. Precisely, this is the real procedure. Concerning your convenience, we recommend that you begin with a simple process or smallest board so that it becomes easier to last. In this way, any mistake occurred during it, it will not have such a great effect.

Thus, there are five easy procedures to remove the tint of your car.

The Scrape Method

Firstly, use a razor knife or blade to slightly winch up the corner of the tint sheath. Secondly, you can easily take it off the window if your corner grip is firm. During this process look after that, it does not get torn up. Otherwise, you need to find another corner to winch up.

The Soap and Newspaper Method

This second method is also an easy one. Initially, you just need a soapy solution and newspaper. It depends on you how condensed or diluted your soap solution is. What you need to is: spray the solution on the car’s window and coat it with the newspaper. Leave this for half an hour or one hour, whatever time it takes.

In case, you feel the newspaper has dried then soak it with the soapy solution. Later, you can take the newspaper off from the window glass. If the tint has been attached to the newspaper then no further repetition of the process is required, otherwise, keep doing this method. Lastly, you need to check after every 20 minutes if the newspaper has stuck to with tint.

The Ammonia and Sun Method

The third method is ammonia and the sun’s technique. In this process, you just need to have one soapy solution, ammonia solution, and garbage plastic. You can remove the tint of both sides at the same time since on the outside surface you are supposed to use soapy solution covering with garbage plastic pieces.

Later, on the inside tint you need to spray ammonia solution coating with garbage plastic. In this way, you can go hand in hand to peel off both ends. In case, there are some parts where the tinted coating is not peeled off then use a razor knife to winch up.

The Hairdryer Method

The fourth method comprises of hairdryer tool. You need to set up the hairdryer at the right place i.e. corner of the tint film you want to remove. Moreover, you need to take care of keeping the hairdryer at a distance of 2 inches from the window tint. The right direction and distance help you to remove the tint easily since it curls up. Lastly, keep doing this act in a manner that the direction of hot air is between the glass and tint so that it is removed.

The Steamer Method

The hairdryer and steamer method are quite similar since it both takes heat to peel off the tint. The minute difference is that hairdryer has to be at 2 inches of distance from the tint while the steamer one inch. Both methods entail that the dryer or steamer needs to be directed to the area where the tint is supposed to be peeled off from the window glass.


4. Get Rid of Stick Remainders from the Window

During the removal of the tint from the window’s surface, there always remains some stick residue that also needs to be removed. So, we have proposed some simple techniques through which you can easily do this.


  1. Use your soapy solution for this issue. Spray it on the residue and winch it up with razor knife. Repeat it until you are done with the removal of residue.
  2. Secondly, if you have already opted for the sun and ammonia technique then spray the ammonia solution and try to remove it with steel wool. DO this gently so that the glass does not get scratched.
  3. In the case of using heat method i.e. steamer and hairdryer then repeatedly direct the heat on the sections where the residues are remaining. This method will easily help to remove them.
  4. You can utilize the read-made glass cleanser which helps to remove the sticky residue remained in your car.


5. Post-Operative Care

The aftermath of this whole process of taking off the tint from the window class would be about the aftercare and putting things back to its places.

Removing the Stick Remainders

After you have removed the tint, there still might me some stick remainder that needs to be removed. For this cause, again use the soapy solution or the required tool you have used during the whole process and remove the residue. If you have used solutions, then empty them. Throw away all the waste items used in the process. Keep the extension wire, steamer, and hairdryer into its original places.

You might have enjoyed this whole process since it is learning and you are becoming self-sufficient in this regard.