How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Car Glass?

You may find yourself asking a lot of questions when you notice hard water stains on the auto glass of your vehicle. How did they get there? Or how can you make them go away? 

What Causes Hard Water Spots?

Hard water spots on vehicles occur because of minerals like calcium and magnesium in water. Chemicals that contain limescale and some mineral deposits are also a factor. Hard water spots don’t come down with water and are more challenging than standard stains to clean from auto glass.

Don’t worry because we have got you covered with tips and tricks to remove hard water spots.

5 Things to Remove Hard Water Stains From Car Glass

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a good option due to its natural acidic properties. You can squeeze some fresh lemon juice and fill it in a spray bottle. Fresh juice works better as compared to bottled juice. You can apply the juice directly to the windshield using a towel. An alternative can be to run lemon directly on the glass. 

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is acidic and can dissolve hard water spots easily. The deposits left on the auto glass of your vehicle from other chemicals and water are alkali in nature. By mixing an acid, you can quickly remove them. It would help if you filled a bottle with distilled white vinegar.

Depending on the severity of the spots, you can adjust the concentration of vinegar. Spray vinegar directly on the stains and observe. If the stains are stubborn, change your vinegar-to-water ratio until they come off quickly.

3. Toothpaste

You can make a consistent solution using toothpaste and water. Add an ample amount of water to the mixture. This mixture becomes easy to spread evenly and saves the toothpaste. Then apply this paste to the auto glass, let it sit for a while, and clean it off using water. You should also clean the vehicle with a conventional glass cleaner and pat it dry thoroughly.

There are many specific products made to get rid of hard water spots. Although these are very handy, a natural home-based product is a better fit. If these methods seem tedious, you can find specific cleaning products, but they might have some side effects.

4. Store-Bought Cleaning Products

Industrial cleaners are also available for specifically removing the water spots from your windows. To get effective results, you should follow the instructions given on the product label. These instructions may slightly differ with the product you choose.

Some products are not explicitly designed to clean windows and may leave some streak marks. After the repair, you can use a newspaper and a glass cleaner to wipe the window thoroughly.

5. Lemon Or Orange Essential Oils

Essential oils are quickly gaining popularity these days. Some orange or lemon essential oils are a natural find and will help get rid of hard water spots. Oils can block future hard water deposits from building on your windows and windshield again.

You can mix water with some drops of essential oils and make a consistent solution. Apply this to the windshield by a soft towel or a sponge. Let it soak for some time and remove it using a regular glass cleaner.

Ways To Prevent Hard Water Spots From Building Up On Your Windshield

To Avoid Hard Spots From Forming Again In The Future, Follow These Tips:

  • It would help if you managed your water spots immediately. Immediate action will help in avoiding buildups.
  • You should remove all stagnant water from the vehicle, both windows, and the windshield.
  • Try to park your vehicle indoors in a well-covered area. This will keep the auto glass dry.
  • You can use a water repellent on your windshield.