How to Wax a Black Car: Maintain the Perfect Paint

black car in a rose forest

Betting on black isn’t easy when it comes to cars. While many people prefer black clothing and black logos, black just isn’t that popular among car owners. 

Contrary to the popular belief, there’s absolutely nothing in black car paint that makes it more susceptible to scratches and fading. It’s just that the nature of the color is such that it amplifies the look of these relatively common detailing issues. Similarly, black car paint also makes waxing more difficult. Unlike with some other paints, you can’t just slap on some wax and expect it to work. Instead, you need to invest more time and effort into applying the wax to your four-wheeler. 

Wondering how to do it? Here are a few steps that’ll make the entire project a lot easier.

Washing a black car

Before we get to the actual waxing part, there’s one thing you need to do – wash your car. All cars require frequent washing but with black cars, it takes even more of it to preserve the look of the paint and make the vehicle shine. The thing is that most common issues such as stains and discoloration are easy to deal with on black cars but there are some other problems that can give you a real headache. Among the biggest ones you’ll face when washing a black car are swirl marks.

Most often, swirl marks appear as a result of incorrect cleaning methods. This means that as long as you know what you’re doing when washing your car, you’ll have no trouble maintaining its original look. There are quite a few tips to follow if you want to wash the vehicle like a pro. 

girl washing a black car

First of all, you should always look to rinse from top to bottom. This will help get rid of excess particles from the surface of your vehicle. Secondly, never use dish soap like some car owners do. These things are nowhere near effective as car shampoos you can find in all car detailing shops. Always aim at selecting the best car wash soap for black cars and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Also, don’t settle for just any towel as microfiber towels will always get the job done better. Last but not least, try making a habit of cleaning your vehicle once every week or two.

Checking if the car needs to be waxed

Only after you wash your black car carefully will you be able to properly check whether or not you should apply wax to it. The good news is that this inspection is quite straightforward. Just run your dry hand over the surface of your vehicle and check how smooth it feels. In case it seems rough, it’s a sign that it’s time to apply wax to it.

Clay bar your vehicle

Once your car is washed, you can consider using a clay bar before you wax it. Using a clay bar isn’t necessary when waxing but it’s the best way to achieve a mirror-like look all car owners want. The entire process of applying a clay bar to your car shouldn’t be tough and you’ll be able to get the job done yourself. The bar will get rid of all contaminants for you and make the surface of the vehicle ready to be waxed.

Polish your car

Another thing to think about before waxing is whether or not you should polish your car. If the surface looks lifeless after you wash it, this might be a good idea and it’ll make the vehicle look even better once the entire project is over. In case you decide to do it, bear in mind that not all polishes are to be used the same way. Your safest bet is to read the instructions before you start, even if you’ve polished a car before. Also, prepare an extra microfiber towel to buff the finish and ensure the project was worth it.

Apply wax to it

Now we get to the most important step. Applying wax to a black car can be both fun and stressful, given how much effort and time you’re supposed to put into it. For starters, you should find a product that offers the shiniest look and protects the vehicle in all weather conditions. There are plenty of black car wax kits available on the market and it’s all about finding the one that works for you.

Taking all the steps described above can be daunting but they’ll make the entire process more successful. Once all that has been taken care of, it’s time to apply wax to the vehicle. 

Grab a damp terry cloth and squeeze some wax onto it. When applying it to the vehicle, you need to do it with moderate pressure and move it in circular motions. The next step involves buffing out the wax after a few minutes of letting it sit. This step should eliminate all excess wax and actually reveal the shine you wanted. Buffing is usually performed with materials such as lamb’s wool. If you spot more excess wax, just remove it with another clean microfiber cloth. We should also mention that just like when washing a car, waxing should be done top to the bottom.

How often should you wax your vehicle?

Now that you’ve learned how to wax your vehicle, the only question left is how often you should do it. Ideally, you’ll be able to wax it once every six months but it’s a good idea to consider doing it even more often. Due to the fact that wax isn’t abrasive, you can even choose to apply it to your black car on a weekly basis.

Other options

Waxing your car is always a good idea. However, if you want even more auto paint protection for your four-wheeler, the ceramic coating is another option worth considering. Applying ceramic coating isn’t as easy as waxing, especially with black cars. However, some products are more DIY-friendly than the others and if you select the right kit, you’ll be able to do it yourself.

Over to you

Unlike white, red, and blue, black car paint requires way more attention if you want it to look good. Frequent washing and polishing will allow you to wax your car on a regular basis and maintain its showroom shine. This means you’ll have to invest more into and get black car detailing products.