The Best Car Battery – Review And Buying Guide 2020



Best Car Battery Review
Optima batteries 34/78 RedTop
ACDelco Advantage AGM car battery
Odyssey PC680
OPTIMA Batteries 8004-003 34/78 RedTop Starting Battery
ACDelco Gold B24R 24 Month Warranty Hybrid Vehicle AGM BCI Group 51 Battery
Odyssey Battery PC680 Battery
Optima batteries 34/78 RedTop
OPTIMA Batteries 8004-003 34/78 RedTop Starting Battery
ACDelco Advantage AGM car battery
ACDelco Gold B24R 24 Month Warranty Hybrid Vehicle AGM BCI Group 51 Battery
Odyssey PC680
Odyssey Battery PC680 Battery


When you invest in a battery, you expect it to last forever and ignore the fact that batteries are not made to last a lifetime. This is the reason why many drivers cannot figure out the cause when their car won’t start.

No matter how expensive or premium your battery is, the thing is not meant to last forever, and you will need to change your vehicle’s battery once or twice in its lifetime.

So, the best option will be to choose a product that will last a long time and improve your vehicle’s performance level.

If you own a sports car or a regular car, there are many good quality batteries out in the market which are affordable, and we created this list to help you choose the perfect battery for your vehicle.

After a lot of research and we narrowed down this list and selected some of the best products which are reasonable and are of the most exceptional quality. You can check every product on this list and pick the battery you want.

Best Car Battery Product Review

1. Optima batteries 34/78 RedTop

1. Optima batteries 34/78 RedTop

The Optima batteries 34/78 RedTop are one of the most popular car batteries out there right now, they are made to deliver Strong power to your car, which improves your vehicle's starting ability even in the extremest of conditions.

The Optima batteries are of premium quality and are very powerful, they can endure harsh starts and can help your car survive in immoderate climates, It is mostly used in trucks, Jeeps, hot rods, SUVs and regular vehicles.

The Optima RedTop 34/78 is a high-performance starting Battery and is specially designed for delivering an intense rush of ignition power every time you start your car, you will always have a reliable and safe start-up in every weather condition as it features the all-new SpiralCell technology.

It is a 12 volts car battery that utilizes 800 cold-cranking amps, which maintain their voltage. The Optima batteries have a reserve capacity of 100 minutes for providing consistent performance. The 34/78 RedTop gives significant resistance to vibration, which is why the 34/78 tends to last a long time and maintains a healthy performance level.

The best feature the Optima RedTop Battery provides is it's zero maintenance technology, which means that you won't need to manage your battery by adding water manually. The battery is enclosed in a spill-proof case and is super easy to install.


Key Features

  • 12 Volts
  • 800 CCA
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy to install
  • SpiralCell Technology
  • Vibration resistance
  • High powered starting ability


  • Brand: Optima
  • Model: 8004-003
  • Weight: 6 lbs

2. ACDelco Advantage AGM car battery

2. ACDelco Advantage AGM car battery
  • Note: Refer a user manual before use
  • Durable design protects against the worst enemy of a truck battery – road vibration (compared to...
  • Calcium alloy is optimized to produce a fine grain, corrosion-resistant grid, maximize cycle life...
  • Fully charged ACDelco Batteries (OCV is >12.5) should be stored in an upright position at...

3. Odyssey PC680

3. Odyssey PC680
  • 170 CCA; Better warranty: Limited 2-year full replacement warranty, not pro rata; Longer service...
  • Longer cycle life: 70 percentage longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries, up...
  • Faster recharge: The highest recharge efficiency of any sealed lead battery on the market, capable...
  • Vibration resistance- design protects against high impact shock and mechanical vibration; Extreme...
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

4. Mighty Max ML35-12 Battery

4. Mighty Max ML35-12 Battery
  • ML35-12 SLA is a 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable maintenance free battery - UL...
  • Dimensions: 7.76 inches x 5.12 inches x 7.01 inches. Listing is for the Battery and Screws only. No...
  • SLA / AGM spill proof battery has a characteristic of high discharge rate, wide operating...
  • Rechargeable battery that can be mounted in any position, resists shocks and vibration. Long lasting...
  • Backed by a 30 day refund policy and full 1 year warranty.

5. Optima D35 Dual Purpose Battery

5. Optima D35 Dual Purpose Battery
  • 12-Volt, 650 Cold Cranking Amps, Size: 9 5/16" x 6 13/16" x 7 5/8" tall, Weight: 36.4 pounds, SAE...
  • 98 minutes reserve capacity for constant performance
  • Optimal starting power even in bad weather; the positive or red terminal is located to the right
  • Fifteen times more resistant to vibration for durability
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

6. ACDelco 47AGM Professional Automotive Battery

6. ACDelco 47AGM Professional Automotive Battery

ACDelco's Professional is a line of professional AGM car batteries that are designed to meet the expectations of premium car owners. It is a good-quality battery with high cycling and is highly charge reception, it exceeds OE specifications.

This automotive battery is a suitable option whenever you need a battery replacement is required as it features the AGM design and is leak proof. It also keeps a maintained pressure on the plates, and these batteries have a longer life than other similarly priced batteries.

The product has a reliable envelope separator and a puncture-resistant back, which allows increased circulation and keeps the Battery healthy and safe, which means that the product offers maximum safety and also free maintenance.


Key Features

  • 12 V
  • 630 CCA
  • Meets all OE expectations
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to install


  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Model: 47AGM
  • Weight:2 lbs

7. Soundquest Power Battery AGM Design

7. Soundquest Power Battery AGM Design
  • Excess of 2000 Watts
  • 525A 5 second burst power
  • 33AH reserve power ESR 11 ohm
  • 300+ full discharge cycles
  • Removable brass battery posts

 8. Kinetic 600-Watt 12 volt AGM Car Audio Battery

8. Kinetic 600-Watt 12 volt AGM Car Audio Battery

The Kinetic HC Blu Series SLA  is another secondary car audio battery, it features the AGM Power Cell that is extremely powerful and amazingly cheap.

The Kinetic AGM car audio battery has 12 volts and 600 CCA, which generate 18 amp per hour; it is a perfect battery for almost every car audio system. The sealed Absorbed Glass Mat design is entirely leak-proof. 

The battery has excellent heat and vibration resistance. Thanks to its ABS plastic case. Kinetic increased the number of plates in their power cell to increase energy density. It also stores energy like the soundest Battery, and you won't need a capacitor for your system.

The AGM power cell is one of the best car audio batteries and is very versatile as it can be used as an additional battery or a  replacement for extra power. And the best thing about this is the super cheap price tag.


Key Features

  • 12 volts
  • 600 Watts
  • AGM Technology
  • Increased number of plates


  • Brand: Kinetic
  • Model: HC600
  • Weight: 8 lbs

 9. Kinetic 600-Watt 12 volt AGM Car Audio Battery

8. Kinetic 600-Watt 12 volt AGM Car Audio Battery

The DieHard Advanced 34R is considered the best gold battery right now on the market, It utilizes the AGM technology for high power with a staggering 772 CCA which increase your product's life.

If you own a large machine or vehicle and you want to power it up and are looking for a proper battery for that, whether it's a regular car, a truck, or a Jeep, you should definitely pick up this battery. DieHard gold batteries are designed to endure intense conditions and vibrations, just like the name suggests DieHard batteries are meant to last.

The battery is stacked with fully optimized negative and positive plates that prevent electrical shorts from damaging your car, which can also affect its performance. The enhanced suspension system that utilizes electrolytes protects the internal components of your vehicle.

The DieHard Gold battery can endure extreme climate changes without facing any problems. It offers 20 times more resistance and 2x life compared to the regular conventional batteries. Hence, a guaranteed long life.

Its battery offers a spill-proof and leak-proof design that ensures protection for sophisticated electronic equipment in your vehicle and the battery. It is also maintenance-free and mountable in any position.


Key Features

  • 12 volts
  • 775 CCA
  • AGM Technology
  • 20 times more vibration resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to install


  • Brand: DieHard
  • Model: 50733
  • Weight: 7 lbs

 10. Optima RedTop 25 battery

10. Optima RedTop 25 battery

The Optima RedTop is the last product on our list and is a strong car battery. Optima introduced this 12v battery, which has an amazing 720 CCA. We saved the best for last because it offers the strongest starting energy burst you can find.

Optima Batteries are durable, reliable, and easy to install. The RedTop 25 battery is specifically designed for trucks, cars, and SUVs. It also features SpiralCell technology, which has a negative and positive coated plate.

This battery offers a high tolerance level to extreme temperatures and vibrations, and the company claims that the RedTop 25 is designed to have 15 times the resistance than the regular conventional batteries, and it proves the fact that the RedTop is a long-lasting battery.

This product delivers the strongest burst of ignition power. It is designed to be virtually spill-proof and leak-proof, and like all of the Optima batteries, maintenance is not required. It can also be physically mounted in any position.


Key Features

  • 12 Volts
  • 720 CCA
  • Spiralcell Technology
  • Vibration resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy Installation



  • Brand: Optima
  • Model: OPT8025-160
  • Weight: 7 lbs



Best Guide For Buying Car Batteries

And there it is our list of some of the best car batteries. You can choose any product you from this list without any doubt, and we are sure that you won’t regret your purchase. 

We did a lot of research about every auto battery in the market, and then we made a list of the products we thought were the best. But, if you still can’t decide which car battery you want to purchase, don’t worry because there are many products on the market. 

One thing you will find familiar in each and every product is that all of them claim that they have the best performance and last the longest. This is not true because most of these products are super expensive, and after a week or two, they stop working. 

But, the products we chose will definitely give you the results you want. We prepared this buyer guide just for you to help you find that a good-quality battery. Make sure you read it all, so you can make a decision before your current battery stops working.

Things to Consider When Buying Car Battery

We told you at the beginning of this article that none of the batteries will last forever, and at some point, they will die, and you will have to replace them with a new one. But, if you choose the right quality product, it will last a long time. To make sure that you are buying the right product. Here are some things you need to check before purchasing a new battery.

1. Right Fit

The most essential thing you will need to check is the size of the battery. Your battery should be the right size for your car, which means that it should fit in your battery tray perfectly. It should have the correct width, length, and height. 

So, you need to confirm that the terminal size, tray length, and width match the size of your battery. You should check the owner’s manual and consult your mechanic before purchasing the battery because then you’ll if the battery is the right size

2. Power Requirement

One of the best features of a good quality car battery is the battery’s power requirement, or it’s cold-cranking amps. The cold-cranking amps represent the ability of the battery to start a vehicle at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Long story short, More CCA, gives better performance.

3. The freshness of the battery

The best thing to keep in mind before purchasing a car battery is to make sure that the battery is fresh because they lose strength over time. Even if a battery has never been used but was stored in storage for a long time, it won’t remain fresh. 

So, the question is that, how do you check if a Battery is fresh or not? There is a way to find out the freshness of the battery, it follows the same concept of the best before dates on other products but is a bit more complicated. Batteries consist of a letter and number that indicates the date of manufacturing. 

The letters are supposed to represent months, and the numbers are supposed to represent the year. For example, A4 means January 2014. Just make sure you don’t buy batteries, which have exceeded the manufacturing date by 6 months.

4. Maintenance

Auto Batteries come in two variations, the maintenance-free version, and the low maintenance version. Maintenance-free batteries are sealed for protection, and a unique liquid electrolyte runs throughout the battery, and there is no need to replace it. 

But, for low maintenance batteries, the case is different; they are unsealed and have caps. These caps can be removed, and the driver can occasionally add water. Most of the drivers prefer maintenance-free batteries. We only focused on them in our article, which is the reason why you cant find any low maintenance batteries in this list.

5. Warranty

The next thing to check is the warranty. Always check the warranty offered by the battery dealership or company. All batteries come with some sort of warranty, but some of them provide a free replacement period, and you want to go for the most extended free replacement period you can get. 

Sometimes, things don’t work well, and you can face a problem, and if you have a free replacement warranty, you can always replace your battery with a new one without any charges. So, the best option will be to go for a battery that provides a free replacement warranty.

Different Types of Car Batteries

Auto batteries have many types and come in all shapes and sizes. Although, every battery has the same job, and that is to power up the vehicle.

Here are some different types of batteries,

Starting, Lighting, and Ignition: 

Starting, Lighting, and Ignition batteries are the most widely-used type of batteries and are used in most cars. These batteries help start the car and provide ignition power. Not only that, but they also power lights and the radio. You need to charge these batteries regularly, and they offer small bursts of energy.

Deep cycle:

Deep cycle batteries are more powerful than the SLI batteries at providing power and have a longer life. That is why they are perfect for cars and some marine vehicles.


These batteries are handy and convenient. They store a considerable amount of energy, and they are compact. The Lithium-Ion Batteries can be charged rapidly. But, they are not so common because incompatible with most of the vehicles people drive these days. They are made for hybrid and electric cars. Sadly, they have a short lifespan.

Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid: 

The VRLA batteries are sealed batteries, which means that they are spill-proof and leak-proof and require zero maintenance. 

These are perfect for people who want a maintenance-free battery. However, If the VRLA batteries encounter a problem, they cannot be fixed, and the only best option will be to buy a new one. They offer high power with small bursts of energy.

Wet Cell:

Wet cell batteries, also known as flood cell batteries, are the most affordable auto batteries on the market. These batteries are super-cheap for several reasons. They have a short life provide and require regular maintenance.

Get the Right Fit

The right battery size is critical because if you purchase a battery that does not fit in your battery tray, then it can seriously damage the internal components of your car. To find the perfect car battery, you will need to check the size, length, and width of your tray and the battery.

Here are some group sizes for different vehicle models:

  • Size 75: Motors cars that are mostly mid-sized and compact.
  • Size 65: Large cars, trucks, and SUVs. 
  • Size 35: Mostly, Japanese cars, like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda.
  • Size 34/78: Large Chrysler cars and SUVs
  • Size 51R: Japanese vehicles like Nissan and Mazda. 
  • Size 49: European and Asian cars.
  • Size 48: European and American cars.
  • Size 47: Mostly, Chevy, Buick, and Volkswagen vehicles. 
  • Size 24/24F: many Toyota, Honda, and Lexus vehicles

What You Need to Know About Battery Maintenance

All of the products mentioned above are maintenance-free batteries. As for the Low maintenance Batteries, you need to maintain them regularly.

So, How do you maintain a low maintenance battery

  • Always clean the cables thoroughly, and if you see any signs of corrosion, make sure you remove them from around the battery.
  • Remember to check the level of the liquid electrolyte and add water to fill the cells if you feel like it’s necessary.
  • Keep testing the electrolyte liquid in each cell with a hydrometer to check the charge of the battery.

And if the battery is not in good condition, you should immediately replace it before it starts damaging your vehicle

How to Charge Your Auto-Battery

The best possible option is to Invest in a good portable battery charger. It will save you a lot of time and hassle, and using it is a piece of cake. Just attach the clamp to their battery terminals and plug it in any electrical outlet to charge your battery. Always charge a completely discharged battery for a minimum of 8 hours.

Auto Battery Myths

Like every single thing, auto batteries also have their fair share of myths. These are all rumors spread by people who don’t even know enough about auto batteries. 

Believing in these myths can prevent you from choosing the right product, and you won’t be able to take care of your battery, and as a result, it will shorten your battery’s life. Here are some of the myths that come along with auto batteries

  • Batteries can be recharged by driving the car
  • Maintenance-free batteries do not require any maintenance at all
  • Disconnecting the battery is suitable for its health if the vehicle is not being used

All of these are entirely false, and you should not trust any of these myths.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Buyers have a lot of questions before buying a new auto battery. So, here we answered some of the most frequently asked questions about auto batteries

How do car batteries work?

Car batteries provide a burst of electrical energy to your car components and bring them to life. They convert chemical energy into electrical energy and then supply it to the vehicle.

How can I install a new battery?

Asking a professional or your mechanic to install the battery for you is the best option. But, if you want to do it yourself. Just follow these simple steps

  • Remove the old battery from the tray
  • Clean up the tray if you find any signs of corrosion
  • Place the new battery in the tray in such a way that the positive terminal matches with the positive clamps
  • Secure it with a clamp
  • Attach and tighten the positive and negative cables
  • Try wiggling your battery and if it moves then tighten it again

And that’s about it.

How do I recognize a dead car battery? 

  • Your engine will crank, but it will not start
  • Lights will flicker, and the radio won’t start

Why do batteries fail?

Batteries can die or fail because of multiple reasons. Some of which are

  • Poor maintenance
  • Extreme climate changes
  • Factory Defect

How do I know if my battery is charged?

Charged batteries measure at 12 to 14 volts 

How does bad weather affect my battery?

  • It reduces the battery’s capacity
  • Increases Draw

Our Pick for the Best Auto Battery

We did a lot of research to create this list for you, and it wouldn’t have been complete if we didn’t share out top Pick for the best auto battery. We think that the Optima RedTop is the best battery out there as it comes from a well-known brand and has outstanding reserve capacity. 

It also has a long battery life and immensely improves the performance of your vehicle. The RedTop also utilizes spiral cell technology, which makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions and vibrations. It is a budget-friendly auto battery and is worth purchasing. It is suitable for almost every type of car and SUV.