The Best Car Paint Of 2020 You Need To Buy – Reviews and Buying Guides



Best Car Paint Review
Performix Plasti Dip Black Car Paint
Rust-Oleum Gray Primer Car Paint
VHT Clear Extract-Match Automotive Top Coat
Plasti Dip Plasti Dip11203-6 Black Rubber Coating Spray - 11 oz.
Rust-Oleum 262275 Gray Primer Automotive Auto Body Primer - 32 oz.
Dupli-Color BCL0125 Clear Exact-Match Automotive Top Coat, 8. Fluid_Ounces
Performix Plasti Dip Black Car Paint
Plasti Dip Plasti Dip11203-6 Black Rubber Coating Spray - 11 oz.
Rust-Oleum Gray Primer Car Paint
Rust-Oleum 262275 Gray Primer Automotive Auto Body Primer - 32 oz.
VHT Clear Extract-Match Automotive Top Coat
Dupli-Color BCL0125 Clear Exact-Match Automotive Top Coat, 8. Fluid_Ounces

Has your car faced a dent or a scratch recently? Or you want to paint your whole car just to try something new? If the answer to this question is yes, then you are the right place. This is the complete review which will guide you in the best way so that you are able to purchase the right car paint.

There are many times where our car can become a victim of several spray car rims, defects, and scratches that we want to fix but are waiting for a high bonus. However, if you could paint your car yourself, wouldn’t that be good on your budget and save you a lot of time?

The perfect car paint will be easy to apply, and you would be able to reuse it. Moreover, it will teach you how to paint your car so you could assist others too. Therefore, investing in car paint is a wise decision.

Now that you have made your decision about buying car paint, you might be wondering which one to buy. With so many brands in the market, it will get quite a fix to decide which one is the best. You need to know your car’s exterior surface and several other features in order to make the right pick. Here is the complete guide who will take you through the salient steps involved in buying the right car paint along with the common questions people ask regarding its usage and functionality.

The Best Car Paint You Need to Purchase

1. Performix Plasti Dip Black Car Paint

1. Performix Plasti Dip Black Car Paint
  • Peel able, easy to remove from most surfaces when you're ready
  • Flexible, won't crack, chip, or become brittle
  • Insulates, electrical shock, vibration, heat, deadens sounds
  • Grip, provides non-slip comfort and control
  • Durable, resists weather, chemicals, impact, and abrasion

2. Rust-Oleum Gray Primer Car Paint

2. Rust-Oleum Gray Primer Car Paint
  • Provides a durable, professional finish to automotive surfaces
  • Acrylic lacquer formula goes on easily and comes ready to use
  • Dries to the touch in 20 minutes and covers between 40-50 sq. ft. per quart
  • Provides a touch, road-resistant coating that withstands everyday wear
  • Usable in auto body spray systems

3. VHT Clear Extract-Match Automotive Top Coat

5. Meguires Ultimate Compound

5. Meguires Ultimate Compound
  • REMOVE PAINT DEFECTS: The ultimate product for removing oxidation, scratches, water spots, and...
  • BEST CAR SCRATCH REMOVER: Cuts as fast as harsh abrasives restoring surface clarity without...
  • SAVES TIME: The clear coat safe formula dramatically reduces the time and effort to restore abused...
  • STUNNING FINISH: Exclusive micro-abrasive technology leaves a "like new" finish and adds gloss in...
  • SAFE FOR CLEAR COAT: Safe and effective on clear coat and single stage paints, and can be applied by...

6. Dupli-Color Black Single Car Paint

6. Dupli-Color Black Single Car Paint
  • BASE COAT AUTOMOTIVE PAINT – Dupli-Color Paint Shop Finish System Base Coat is a complete,...
  • DIY FRIENDLY - This ready-to-spray car paint repair system does not require a hardener or reducer...
  • EASY TO APPLY – Dupli-Color Paint Shop vehicle paint is easy to apply, dries quickly, and can be...
  • IDEAL USES – Designed for automotive and motorcycle applications, Dupli-Color Paint Shop Finish...
  • DUPLI-COLOR PAINT – Since 1938, Dupli-Color has been the trusted brand leader in providing...

7. Rust-Oleum Automotive Enamel Spray Paint

7. Rust-Oleum Automotive Enamel Spray Paint
  • Automotive Paints and Coatings
  • Manufacturer: Rust-Oleum
  • Made in United States

8. CRC All-Purpose Enamel Spray Car Pain

8. CRC All-Purpose Enamel Spray Car Paint
  • CRC INDUSTRIES: A market leader that offers impeccably designed chemical solutions to maintain,...
  • ENAMEL SPRAY PAINT: Our premium enamel spray paint is a versatile, general-purpose spray for...
  • QUICK-DRY FORMULA: Easily paint industrial surfaces with this paint's quick-drying technology and...
  • APPLICATIONS: Use this all-purpose paint aerosol spray on the interior and exterior surface of wood,...
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: All Purpose Enamel Spray Paint is available in a 10 wt oz. spray can. Only...

9. Rust Bullet Automotive Rust Inhibitor Paint

9. Rust Bullet Automotive Rust Inhibitor Paint
  • PATENTED - Awarded two United States Patents
  • LOW PREP - Little to no prep required! One step, multiple coat process, apply directly over surface...
  • DURABLE - UV resistant - no topcoat needed - will not fade or crack.  Does not contains: zinc,...
  • EASY APPLICATION - Apply with brush, roller, or spray
  • MADE IN THE USA - Rust Bullet, LLC was formed February of 2001 in Reno, Nevada, where our Corporate...

10. PlastiKote Universal White Automotive Paint

10. PlastiKote Universal White Automotive Paint
  • 11 oz. can of fast-drying, durable acrylic lacquer paint
  • Specially formulated to provide a tough, long lasting finish that resists scratches and nicks, and...
  • Color and top coat in one
  • Universal White color
  • New look, same great product inside

The Comprehensive Guide To Buying The Best Car Paint

If you haven’t bought a car paint before, this guide will help you know all that you need to be aware of before you purchase a car paint. Below are some common FAQ answered that trouble users.

How knowing these factors will help you buy the right Auto Paint

Know the difference between re-spray and touch-up

You really need to know about the reason why you are buying a car paint first. Know whether you are purchasing the car paint to bring back the natural shine and glow your car had when you initially bought it, or you want to hide a crack or a dent you got, unfortunately.

After answering this simple question, you will be able to know what you want. Not all car paints provide a thick coating. Some are only good for minor touch-ups which is why you need to highlight the purpose of your purchase. This will decide the type of car paint and the amount you will be needing.

In case you need a car paint for touch-ups only, you need an enamel paint which will be more than enough. If there is a dent you need to fix, you require one that comes with a thick formula.


How do you want the result to look like? If you want the final completed surface to look matte, then the car paint spray will be very different than the metallic or glossy car paint sprays. Know how you want your surface to look like in the end, it will help you in the decision-making process.


Durability can be compared with costs. Buying a spray can with average content to hide a dent is not worth it. You need to buy the one through which you can apply multiple coats. Always look for the car paint that comes with additional features like UV-resistant or anti-rust properties. These features will increase the life of your automotive.

The Types of Car Paint Available in the Market


To make sure your car paint completely locks in with the surface and gives an even finish, you need to prime it. There are several car paints that do not require additional priming, but if your car paint does not come with this feature, you should ask someone how priming is done before you start the application.

Priming is important as it helps give off an even finish and prevent chip off. If the color of your car is white, go for a primer that is lighter in tone, not dark at all.

Clear Coat

The car paints that only hide the dents might not give off a shiny gloss surface. Therefore, if you need a glossy surface, you need a clear topcoat that will lock the car paint you have applied. This will make sure there is no cracking along with no blemishes.

Acrylic Lacquer

There are two types of acrylic paints. One is enamel, while the other is lacquer. These two act as base coats where lacquer paint can be used as a base coat if you want a perfect high gloss finishing. However, lacquer is not very durable which is why people prefer to use enamel.

The Best Car Paint Brand for Automotive

There are several brands available in the market today that are working to produce the best quality car paints. Our list of perfect car paints included the best car paints which included Dupli-Color, Rust-Oleum and Performix. Many people also prefer to use car paint from their manufacturers such as Honda.

Users should note that the car paint they use in their first try should remain the same throughout. Make sure you use the same brand of primer, car paint, base layer and topcoat. The formula must remain incoherence so that the finish is perfect.

Take out time to match the exact color and tone of your base layer with your car surface. This will prevent unevenness and ensure a smooth finish.

How much time should be spent on car spraying?

A common question asked by users is that how much time does it take to spray the car? The answer is simple, it mainly depends upon whether your car paint comes with natural priming or you need to apply the base coat.

Moreover, it also depends upon the depth and intensity of your dent or scratch. The number of hours a car paint needs to dry up depends on one car paint to another which is why there cannot be one straight answer.

If you want to apply several coats, you would have to give it more time. The whole process requires work if you need to spray paint a minor detail. For that, you would have to cover the surface with paper or tape. If you are spraying the whole surface, then these steps will be deleted automatically, resulting in a lesser number of hours spent.

It should be noted that you require patience. Do not rush things, it will only increase the work. Go slow, to go fast.

Can I paint my car a different color than it was originally?

Although it is your car, you need to make sure whether it is lawful to paint your car a different color. There are many states that do not permit painting your car a different color than what it was licensed with. Ask your manufacturers and let them know what you are looking for so that you do not face trouble later.

What does slow, medium, and fast mean when it comes to car spray paint?

These are the terms used to describe the drying order, explaining how fast or slow the paint would dry. Slow activators take a longer time to dry, which is great for hotter days. However, if you are painting on a chilly day, you need to get yourself the fast one.

What does the term FLASH time mean?

This is the amount of time given to the first layer of paint to dry before you apply another one. You should not rush it as the components in the first base must evaporate before you apply another layer. Flash times last no more than 20 minutes that that is again dependent upon the weather conditions.

Is it okay to paint over the existing finish?

Yes, that can be done. You just need to make sure the last coat is even. Do not forget to prime it so that the paint sticks thoroughly to the surface. Many people prefer to spray paint over the last finish to provide that high gloss.

How many coats should I spray?

People always ask how many times they need to spray. There are in fact, several factors that decide the number. You need to know the type of your car along with the intended finish and type of spray gun you are using. The most common number is two, two coats of primer along with two coats of base coat and clear coat.

How long before my new paint starts to chip off?

If you have primed your surface well and the quality of your car paint is also good, there is no reason why your paint would come off soon. Therefore, maintaining your car and making sure your car has minimum exposure to UV rays would result in the longevity of your paint.

Our Top Pick

With numerous brands in the market doing an equally good job, it can become difficult to decide which one is best. Performix Plasti Dip Rubber Coating is a great choice as it is durable and provides multiple ways of application.

Moreover, it is not very pricey either, which is great. This paint is not restricted to any place. You can apply it to your whole exterior or any part, whatever way you like.