The Best Car Wash Soaps – Reviews and Buying Guide

Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash
Meguiar G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash
Adams New Car Wash Shampoo Gallon
Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash & Gloss Foaming Car Wash...
Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash, Car Wash Foam for Car...
Adam's Car Wash Shampoo (16 fl. oz) - pH Best Car Wash Soap...
Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash
Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash & Gloss Foaming Car Wash...
Meguiar G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash
Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash, Car Wash Foam for Car...
Adams New Car Wash Shampoo Gallon
Adam's Car Wash Shampoo (16 fl. oz) - pH Best Car Wash Soap...

For a lot of us keep our car clean is worth all the time and energy we put into it. Therefore, we are ready even to do it ourselves.

If you’re looking for the perfect way through which your car will look as good as new, know that the household dish soap, hand soap or detergents for dishwashing are not the wisest pick.

This is where car soaps come in that are made with the ideal ingredients to give your car the shine it deserves. Every car owner should own a set of car shampoos and soaps as they can do justice to your car way better than ordinary household soaps and detergents. We also have an article on car shampoo reviews for you to see and learn our pick regarding top car shampoos that you can use to wash your vehicle.

Moreover, by using everyday shampoo, you are putting your car paint to risk as it might react and ruin the exterior of your car. Invest in an excellent car wash to maintain the looks of your vehicle!

Reviews of Top 8 Car Wash Soaps

1. Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash

1. Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash

The first on our list of the ideal car washes for you to buy for your car is the one from chemical guys. Chemical Guys Citrus wash and gloss contain environmentally friendly citrus content. The best part about this car wash is that it comes in a gallon size bottle which is why one bottle will go a long way.

One full cap content has to be mixed with five gallons of the water. This solution will make a good foaming mixture that you can apply to all corners of your car for a smooth and shiny finish.

In one instance, you will witness the magic of this car wash as it helps you get rid of all the dirt and grime. If your car has some scratches, know that no scratch will be disturbed.

If you are looking for the perfect car wash to give your car the glow it has been deserving for quite some time, you should check this one out. The formula is designed to ensure the content comes with a biodegradable formula that is the least hazardous. 

Moreover, what we cannot ignore chemical guys citrus wash is that it is free from all sorts of artificial colors with minimum to zero additives. The tangy, fruity citrus smell will also make you enjoy washing your car. 

Key features 

  • Comes in a full-size gallon bottle
  • The citrus-based formula makes sure the scratches are not disturbed during the rinse
  • The deep clean mechanism to give the inner glow
  • No additives and artificial colors available in the formula 


  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Model: CWS_301

2. Meguiar G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash

2. Meguiar G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash

Whenever there is a discussion about mechanical tools and machines, one cannot ignore talking about Meguiar. Meguiar has secured its position among the best car washes as well through its advanced formula, which helps remove the toughest of the stains within minutes. It has a gentle formula that has no harsh ingredients making your car as enjoyable as new in a single wash. 

After the wash, the conditioner provides a smooth finish enhancing the color of your car even better. Simply dunk your washing cloth or mitt into the bucket and achieve the perfect foam bubbles.

Car enthusiasts can also make use of this Gold Class Car Wash since it comes with premium formula through which they can keep the bold color of cars maintained. Car workshops use vinyl to refresh the surface exterior of vehicles.

This car wash will do just the same job with better foam and milder formula that comes in half a gallon, good to last more than eight washes. 

Key features 

  • Comes in half a gallon of the bottle that is easy to store 
  • Dual properties of shampoo and conditioning 
  • The premium formula can act against toughest of dirt stains
  • The conditioner does the perfect trick of revealing the inner glow of your car
  • Ingredients are all environment-friendly 


  • Brand: Meguiar 
  • Weight: 9.05 lbs
  • Model: G7101FFP

3. Adams New Car Wash Shampoo Gallon

3. Adams New Car Wash Shampoo Gallon

When it comes to car washes, Adam Polishes have left no stone unturned to research and design the perfect formula which delivers the best performance using half the time and energy of the user. 

All you need is just a few drops of the content, and you are good to go. With just a few drops diluted into the water bucket, the concentrated formula will give you the thickest of the foaming washes that are efficient in providing long-lasting suds. 

Moreover, if you are among those who are not comfortable in using car washes as they are afraid it might damage the paint of their car, know that the formula of Adams Car Wash is very gentle.

The pH is balanced, which is car-friendly so that all dirt particles leave the surface of the car quickly without disturbing the natural wax. The wash is slick through which you can wash and condition your car, making it feel good as new. The exciting part is that your car will smell like candy and wild berry, enjoy!

Good news for all those who wash their car regularly, Adams New Car Wash Shampoo Gallon comes in the most comfortable environment-friendly formula that is biodegradable. The method will remain mild and gentle in your vehicle, which is why if you enjoy washing your car every day, you totally can with this car wash.

Key features 

  • Users can achieve a thick lather that provides longer-lasting suds
  • The pH is maintained and is gentle on all surfaces 
  • Content contains polymers and cleaners that provide deep conditioning 
  • The ecofriendly formula that is also biodegradable 
  • Advance cleaning action without the wax of your car disturbed 


  • Brand: Adams Polishes 
  • Model: CWS2-1GAL
  • Weight: 8.25 lbs

4. Meguiar G17748 Wash and Wax

4. Meguiar G17748 Wash and Wax

This is the second car wash in our list that belongs to Meguiar. Meguiar is well-versed in all the excellent ways through which efficient car washing formulas can be designed in the best way to cater to users of all sorts of cars. 

Meguiar G17748 Wash and Wax will give your car the final touch that will make it look like it just came from the workshop through its premium formula that provides protection and glows all together.

After some years, the glow of our cars is compromised, which is why we need some pampering to do so that the clarity of the car paint color is won back.

Luckily, with the assistance of this car wash, you will be able to clean your car with safe synthetic polymer content along with Camuaba coat that will trick your family into thinking you have bought a new car. Furthermore, the clear coat ensures advanced cleaning on a healthy pH level. The surface wax is not disturbed. 

One bottle of Meguiar G17748 Wash and Wax has a volume of 48 ounces through which you will be able to provide comprehensive cleaning, conditioning, and coating to make sure your car looks as good as new. If you have an avid love for cars, there is no way you shouldn’t try this out. We are sure it will not disappoint you.

Key features 

  • Every bottle contains a decent volume of 48 ounces
  • Premium formula regulated with synthetic polymer technology that provides maximum protection from dust and debris
  • Helps in bringing out the best and the original color 
  • Has the ability to work with more than one kind of washes and waxes
  • Extra lather achieved through the foaming action which comes with deep cleansing properties 


  • Brand: Meguiar 
  • Weight: 3.59 lbs
  • Model: G17748

5. Mothers 05674 California Gold Carnauba Wash and Wax

5. Mothers 05674 California Gold Carnauba Wash and Wax

Not many of us have a lot of time in hand to wash our car daily or, in fact, twice a week. However, living in a dusty place or needing to drive to a polluted area might put you in a situation where you have to wash your car every day. 

Thankfully, the availability of Mothers 05674 California Gold Carnauba Wash and Wax, you can help you save time and energy on the car washing process with incredibly good results.

The best thing about this car wash is that the formula contains wax properties that deliver the glossiness of the exterior within minutes without you having to buy an additional wax.

You might not get a lot of foam and bubbles through this wash, but the clean and shiny result is still achievable. The neutral pH will ensure there are no watermarks, streaks, or swirls left behind after the wash. Highly capable of removing the toughest and the strongest of the stains that you have dying to get rid of. 

The best feature of this car wash is that it comes with the most concentrated solution. The bottles containing 64 ounces go a long way as only a few drops are used, which are diluted for decent results. 

Key features 

  • The car wash bottles come with 64 ounces of concentrated formula 
  • The surface of the car receives a protective layer
  • Content is biodegradable with a neutral pH that leaves no mark behind on the surface 
  • The Carnauba Wax provides a thick coating of gloss and shine


  • Brand: Mothers 
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Model: 05674 

6. Turtle Wax T-472R ICE Car Wash

6. Turtle Wax T-472R ICE Car Wash

Turtle wax has a wide range of car tools and products that aiding enthusiast for quite some time. The thing that is worth mentioning about this car wash is that it is designed on the trademark of ICE Smart Shield technology, which is the comprehensive formula needed to produce great results. 

The formula on which it is designed provides maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. And, that’s not it, it is also able to get rid of all the dirt and grime you have been trying to get rid of from a wet cloth. 

The formula comes in a decent pH, which works like magic. With just a single wash, you will be able to witness your car turning as good as new. 

The content is made with high-quality ingredients that provide the perfect glossing effect. If you want your car to look like it has been washed by a professional, you should get your hands on this car wash as soon as you can. This 48 ounces of the bottle can work correctly to give the best finish that will last more than you think.

Turtle Wax car wash is the asset for all the professionals who want something that gives good results that include extensive cleaning and superior shine. 

Key features 

  • The bottle contains content of 48 ounces 
  • The formula is gentle with a moderate pH to avoid watermarks or additional cracks
  • The method is designed based on ICE Smart Shield Technology that is the active wall against dirt particles
  • Glossy formula to provide shine and bring out the original bold color
  • The thick foam ensures deep cleansing 


  • Brand: Turtle Wax
  • Weight: 3.36 lbs
  • Model: T-472R

7. Griot’s Garage 10866 Car Wash

7. Griot’s Garage 10866 Car Wash

People who want their car to make an impression while they drive by or it’s just standing in the parking, they should try Griot’s Garage Car Wash. It is the perfect solution to obtaining that particular brightness that highlights the original color of their car.

People who own cars with bold colors should not let the color of their car get dull. Therefore, in case you have been using vinyl before, now is the perfect time to shift to this ideal car wash that provides shampoo with conditioning. 

The best thing about this car wash is that a little amount goes a long way. A few drops of the content in the bucket of over a gallon of water will make the perfect lather to wash your car with fun bubbles and foam. The rich lather and the tantalizing scent are fantastic, which is why you should try it out.

If you are too conscious about everything that touches the surface of your car, you can depend on this car wash since it has minimum to zero harmful chemicals. Since the pH of the formula is neutral, you can count on the fact that there will be no streaks of watermarks. 

The 64 ounces of the bottle is enough for multiple washes for several cars, which is why it is among the top pick by professionals. 

Key features 

  • The product comes in a decent amount of 64 ounces of the bottle
  • The result ensures there are no streaks or watermarks
  • The formula contains extensive brighteners that make your car appear fresh and vibrant 
  • Safe and neutral method to be used on all types of surfaces 


  • Brand: Griots Garage 
  • Model: 10866
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs 

8. Turtle Wax T-79 Zip Wax Liquid Car Wash and Wax

8. Turtle Wax T-79 Zip Wax Liquid Car Wash and Wax

Another car wash that successfully qualifies the list of best car washes from Turtle Wax Company. There is no doubt concerning the fact that Turtle Wax can deliver high-quality care products so that your car remains as good as the first time you bought it. 

The best thing that is worth mentioning about Turtle Wax is that it comes with a different formula through which more than one type of car surface can be washed. Whether your car exterior is glass, metal, paint, rubber trim, or plastic, the comprehensive cleaning formula is fit for all types. 

The formula is made with advanced processes that make the perfect lather for gentle clean up without having to rub more than required. Witness your car undergo deep cleansing without the original wax of your vehicle disturbed from anyway. 

The result will help your car look radiant! The wax adds additional gloss and shine to the formula that builds a protective layer against unwanted dirt particles. Moreover, it does not matter if you haven’t washed a car before.

With the help of Turtle Wax T-79 Zip Wax Liquid Car Wash, whether you are a professional or a newbie, you can easily make use of it. Wash and let it dry, after which you will witness the magic.

Key features 

  • Bottles come in 64 ounces 
  • The formula has a gentle pH which adds to its quality of being biodegradable 
  • Contains Carnauba Wax that provides maximum gloss and shines
  • Thick lather that provides active foaming action 
  • Works on more than one type of exterior finishes 


  • Brand: Turtle Wax
  • Weight: 4.65 lbs
  • Model: T-79

Guide for Buying Best Car Wash Soaps

We all invest a good fortune in our cars, which is why maintaining it is essential. What we cannot ignore is that almost every user wants his or her vehicle always to look brand-new. We cannot overlook the occasional dust storms and pollution, but we can surely fight it for the sake of our car. 

Car wash shampoos, waxes, and soaps are essential items that help ensure the exterior of our car remains bright and bold. If you are buying a car wash for the first time, there is no doubt that you will not be a little confused as to what is essential to buy and why. 

Therefore, to help you know more about car washes, shampoos, and wax, we have prepared a list of factors that should be considered while buying the perfect item.

What to Know Before Buying a Car Wash Soap

Below is a list of crucial considerations that will help you buy the perfect car wash

1. Eco-friendly

Purchasing a car wash that comes with eco-friendly formula is far better than the one which does not follow this attribute. Know that whenever you wash your car, a large amount of it flows into the gutter, which will have an impact on the environment. It might rinse your vehicle thoroughly, but the effect it has on the environment will affect our society in many ways. 

2. Foaming properties

Having a lather thick with foam is excellent because not only will it help rinse your car better, and it will make things fun for you too — no need to invest in dull suds that take away the excitement out of car washing. A rich and thick lather will clean your car efficiently without additional scrubbing that might increase any scratch on the surface of your vehicle. 

3. Value for money

This factor goes for almost anything you buy. Whatever you pay for the product should be able to do justice for its functionality. It is preferred to buy the bottle of car wash that comes in 64-ounce so that the content is good enough to last a decent amount of time. 

4. Concentration

The higher the level, the more time it will last. In right car washes, a drop of the content is enough to build a thick foam in almost one gallon of water. You can buy car washes in several ounces of bottle including, 64, 48, 32, 16 and 8. 

5. pH level

This is the level that indicates how acidic or alkaline the content is. Regular users do not want a harsh car wash on their car surface, which is why they prefer higher alkalinity. Purchase the one that comes with a high pH level, and the acidity is low. 

6. Resistance to water

If your car wash leaves behind watermarks and spots, it is just increasing the job for you. Not only do you have to spend an extra amount of time and energy getting rid of the water spots, but you also have to make sure the extra rubbing doesn’t harm the original paint and wax of your car. Therefore, it is essential to make sure the car wash you are getting dries up quickly to avoid watermarks.

7. Scent

There is no harm in getting the car wash that is scented as it will only make you enjoy the car wash more. In case you have some kind of allergies or are a victim of asthma, you can purchase the car wash with a minimum or no scent. There are several scents available in the market that include lemon, berry, and cherry. 

Things You Will Need to Wash Your Car 

Here is some standard equipment that you should invest in as they will help you clean your vehicle in a professional way. 

1. Multiple Buckets

You need one bucket where you will keep the soap car wash content while the other one will contain clean water. The first bucket will be finished before the other one, after which you will use the fresh water to rinse the soap off your car. 

2. Hose

A Hose is needed; it will connect to your water storage tank to provide clean water for cleaning purposes. 

3. A Mitt for Washing

It is always better to use a cleaning mitt instead of a cloth to wash your car. The fibers in the glove are highly intensive, which is why the cleaning would be gentle. 

4. Foam Gun

A lot of people will not use a foam gun to lather on the soap. However, if you wash your car often or own a workshop, investing in a good foam gun is a wise choice. 

5. Grit Guard

The washing mitt might accumulate unwanted contaminants. To avoid this, you can buy a grit guard that will provide you with the most efficient wash. 

6. Drying Cloth

This is the last tool you will need. Many users do not own one as they expect their car to air dry. 

5 Steps You Cannot Skip While Washing Your Car 

Washing a vehicle is not rocket science. All you need to do is make sure you don’t wash your car for a long time. Know that two buckets are enough; you might need some water from the hose in the end but, not a lot. 

Step 1:

Start with the wheels of your car, where you can swipe off unwanted dirt so that washing becomes easier. 

Step 2:

Next, you need to reach out for the washing mitt and accumulate it with the soap content from the first bucket. Lather it up to get a decent foam for your car cleansing. 

Step 3:

The wash mitt must be rinsed thoroughly into the clean water bucket to get rid of the dirt collected from your car. 

You are required to repeat the last two steps making sure your whole car is properly cleaned and conditioned. Leave no spot behind. 

Step 4:

Next, you are required to use a hose through which you will rinse your car. Sprinkle water hose around your whole vehicle, washing away the soap.

Step 5:

Quickly start the drying process to prevent any watermarks from accumulating on the surface of your car.