Ceramic Coating for Trucks – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Armor Shield IX
HydroCharge Ceramic Spray Coating
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO Premium Car Care Kit
AvalonKing Armor Shield IX DIY Kit
Chemical Guys WAC23016 HydroCharge High-Gloss Hydrophobic...
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating, PRO Car, Plastic, Glass, and...
Armor Shield IX
AvalonKing Armor Shield IX DIY Kit
HydroCharge Ceramic Spray Coating
Chemical Guys WAC23016 HydroCharge High-Gloss Hydrophobic...
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO Premium Car Care Kit
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating, PRO Car, Plastic, Glass, and...

Whether your truck is a reliable workhorse or an off-road machine, its outer parts need protecting. Ceramic coating your truck is the best way to both protect it and make it shine like a mirror. What’s more, if you’re into DIY, there should be nothing stopping you from getting the job done yourself.

Ceramic coating can be applied to any exterior part of your truck. If you decide to do so, you’ll protect it from things such as debris and road dirt. In addition, the ceramic coating will make cleaning the vehicle both easier and quicker. As mentioned above, the project can be tackled DIY-style as long as you’re ready to put enough time and effort into it.

The ceramic coating product you opt for plays a huge role in how much you’ll protect your truck and how easy cleaning it will become. Obviously, you should always aim at using the best ceramic coating for trucks in order to get the best results. The problem is, with so many products on the market, identifying the right one for your truck can be tricky. To help you, we created a 2020 ceramic coating buyer’s guide.

Top 8 DIY Ceramic Coating Products Review

Explaining the Ranking System

Before we start with our list of the best ceramic coating products for your truck, let’s stop and talk about what we looked at when evaluating each product on our list. Listed below, you’ll find five things we took into account as we believe they’re the key to an effective ceramic coating product.

1.      Quality of the product

This is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing a ceramic coating product for your truck. When evaluating each product on the list, we looked at the claims manufacturers have made about their products. We paid special attention to attributes such as longevity and durability of the product, as well as the final result after applying it. Moreover, we evaluated the packaging each product comes in.

2.      Consumer feedback

Is there a better way to learn about a ceramic coating product than to look at what other truck owners have to say about it? When creating our list, we browsed the web for comments made by consumers and took them into account when ranking the products. We focused on the comments related to the quality of the product as well as on those about the application process.

3.      Price

Like all other products, ceramic coating products come in a wide price range. No matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find a product for your truck. In order to make our list as accurate as possible, we compared the price of each product to the product’s quality and figured out which of them will give you the most for your money.

Bear in mind that prices change over time. The prices you’ll find later in this buyer’s guide are those we found at the time of writing this post. It’s always a good idea to check the individual prices for each product yourself when reading this guide.

4.      Online presence

The company’s online presence plays a part in your overall experience with the brand. Manufacturers who are online are always easier to contact and you can count on them to help you deal with any issues you’re experiencing with their product. Later in this post, you’ll find relevant information about each manufacturer’s online presence and how it may affect your experience with their brand.

What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

Another important thing to do before you start looking at the best truck ceramic coating products is to learn more about why applying one of them to your vehicle makes sense.

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that bonds with the outer parts of your truck. Most of the time, it is applied to truck paint as the product chemically bonds with it and creates another layer on top of it. The new layer protects the paint and makes it look even better. Ceramic coating can also be applied to any other outer parts of your truck. When the job is executed well, ceramic coating on your truck can last for multiple years.

Before we start looking at the products on our list, let’s check out all the benefits ceramic coating comes with.

1.  Paint protection

As we’ve already said, ceramic coating your truck is one of the best ways to protect its shell. The extra layer ceramic coating creates can block all minor damages and keep your paint intact. Depending on the roads you usually drive on, your truck is exposed to all kinds of attacks, and doing everything you can to protect it is a good idea. Ceramic coating will help protect the paint from anything from dirt to scratches.

2.  Longevity

Traditional coatings aren’t known for lasting long, especially when exposed to dirt and harsh weather. If you only apply traditional paint to your truck, chances are you’ll have to get a paint job much earlier than you initially thought. However, with ceramic coating, you can be assured your paint won’t wear off. Just remember that not all ceramic coating products last an equal amount of time.

3.  Easy to clean

Another great thing about ceramic coating is that it makes cleaning your truck easier than ever. This is because a new layer on top of your paint leaves absolutely no room for dirt and debris. You’ll notice that the shell of your truck looks smoother than ever and the only thing you need to do to remove dirt and debris is swipe with a clean cloth.

4.  Cost-effectiveness

Some people believe ceramic coating their truck is expensive. While it may seem like that, applying a ceramic coating to your truck is actually a great way to save money. Due to how long ceramic coating lasts, applying it to your truck means you won’t have to do it again for a long time. In the big picture, this can help you save money.

5.  Appearance

No matter what you use your truck for, you probably want it to look at its best all the time. A new ceramic coating is guaranteed to give it a shiny and sleek outer look you’ve always dreamed of. In other words, besides protecting your truck, the ceramic coating also makes it more visually appealing.

Armor Shield IX

1. Armor Shield IX – by AvalonKing
First on our list is Armor Shield IX. The product passes all our criteria and is the best option for all truck owners out there. Most importantly, the product is made from 84 percent SiO2, which makes it the strongest ceramic coating on the market. Not only this, but in comparison to other ceramic coating products, Armor Shield IX can last for a very long time, helping you save both money and time. If you’re still not convinced, all you have to do is check out their consumer feedback (more on that later) and you’ll see that the number of satisfied customers at AvalonKing is sky-high. Get ready to be blown away by what Armor Shield IX can do for your truck.

Why It’s Our Top Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: Anyone looking for the ultimate nano-ceramic coating product for their truck should consider getting Armor Shield IX. One of the reasons why this product is our top pick is, without doubt, the protection against all potential damages to the exterior of the vehicle. Plus, if you know how to apply ceramic coating well enough, Armor Shield IX is guaranteed to uplift the look of your truck. The good news is that the product isn’t difficult to apply and most people who’re into DIY shouldn’t have trouble with the project. We also really like the fact that Armor Shield IX looks amazing, no matter what outer part of your truck you apply it to.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: In case you need proof Armor Shield IX is the best ceramic coating for your truck, you should look at what AvalonKing customers have to say about this product. If you visit their site, you’ll see that this product currently holds a 4.8 rating out of 5. This makes it the best-rated ceramic coating product on the market.

PRICE: The easiest way to get Armor Shield IX is to buy it on the company’s official website. The product is available for $69.99. You’ll be happy to hear that there are special deals you can get if you buy multiple kits. The price of two kits stands at $104.99 while you can get three kits for $139.99 which is basically a “buy two get one free” deal.

ONLINE PRESENCE: The people behind AvalonKing have managed to build a strong online presence. Not only that they have an Instagram page with over 13 thousand followers but they also post on a regular basis. Instagram users who use the @avalonking hashtag have a chance to be featured on the company’s page. If you check out their page, you’ll also see that they’ve set up their Instagram shop where you can get the Armor Shield IX kit.

Here are the facts

  • Made from 84 percent SiO2, Armor Shield IX is the strongest ceramic coating for trucks on the market.
  • Armor Shield IX is the best-rated ceramic coating product you’ll be able to find.
  • Buying multiple kits at once unlocks discounts, allowing you to save significant amounts of money. You can even get one kit for free if you buy two kits at once.
  • AvalonKing has a strong online presence.


2. HydroCharge Ceramic Spray

What we liked about HydroCharge is that it’s the ultimate DIY spray coating product. It has been specifically designed for those looking for user-friendly coating spray they can apply themselves. The product is brought to you by Chemical Guys, one of the biggest brands in the industry.

Why It's Our Third Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: The product’s best feature is the 3D finish it gives to the vehicle. HydroCharge is extremely easy to apply and no matter how you do it, your ceramic coating will look like it has been applied by a professional. The packaging is nothing special but it looks like most customers had no major complaints about it.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: HydroCharge has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon and it feels like most customers are extremely satisfied with it. If you take a look at their site, you’ll also find plenty of user-written comments with pictures of the product after application.

PRICE: HydroCharge is available on the Chemical Guys official website for $39.99. In case you’re ready to spend more, you can get an entire ceramic coating kit for just $69.99. Coming in the kit is one of the best truck wash soap products on the market.

ONLINE PRESENCE: With over 750 thousand followers, the Chemical Guys Instagram page is a must-follow. Their contact information is listed on the page and they have a well set up Instagram shop. All necessary truck cleaning supplies are available in the shop.

Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO

3. Nano Bong Ceramic Coating PRO

Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO is another interesting option for truck owners looking to apply ceramic coating. The product is user-friendly and best-known for the crystal gloss it gives to any vehicle ranging from cars to RVs.

Why It's Our Fourth Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: The product uses the company’s latest formula for more strength and increased durability. According to the claims made by the manufacturer, the product can last up to 3 years. It does a great job protecting the paint against everything from scratches to rust. Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO is relatively easy to apply. It comes in a standard bottle and you can get it as a part of the Nano Bond Ceramic Coating car care kit.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: The product’s rating on Amazon stands at 4.4 out of 5. The majority of negative comments we found were made about the fact that their 30ml bottle isn’t enough for large vehicles. Therefore, if you opt for Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO, consider getting two bottles.

PRICE: You can get the entire kit on Nano Bond US site for just $36.90. Just bear in mind that one bottle may not necessarily be enough for your truck.

ONLINE PRESENCE: While we liked the Nano Bond website, they might want to do more when it comes to social media in the future. For now, you can find a helpful FAQ page and their contact information on the site.

Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating

4. Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating
Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating is another great option for truck owners. When used with Adam’s UV flashlight, you can see where the coating has been applied. This feature makes Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating an amazing option for truck owners who’re into DIY.

Why It's Our Second Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: The product is a long-lasting durable coating option for all vehicles. According to the manufacturer, the coating provides protection for 5+ years. Combine the shine Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating offers with the UV tracing technology, and it’s easy to figure out why this product is ranked this high. The product comes in a 50ml bottle which is enough for two full-size vehicles. So, no matter what size your truck is, one bottle will get the job done.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: The product is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon and most customers appear to be happy with the product. If you check the page out, you’ll also be able to find user-posted pictures after the application.

PRICE: You can buy the product on the official Adam’s Polishes website. One bottle is $75, but you can also choose to get a kit for $95, or a kit with light for $105.

ONLINE PRESENCE: Adam’s Polishes has one of the best websites in the sector. Their Instagram page has close to 400 thousand followers and a nice-looking Instagram shop.

Migliore Strata

5. Migliore Strata Coating

Next on our list of the best ceramic coating for trucks is Migliore Strata ceramic coating. While we were impressed by the product quality, it’s important to keep in mind that this is one of the priciest options on the market. According to customer-written comments, the product doesn’t seem to last as much as you’d expect given the price tag. Still, due to product quality, Migliore Strata is a very good option for all truck owners.

Why It's Our Fifth Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: As we’ve already said, Migliore Strata does a fantastic job of protecting the paint on your truck. Not only this, but the product also looks amazing when applied. The only thing we’re skeptical about is the longevity of the coating.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: On Amazon, Migliore Strata has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. While the majority of the comments were made by satisfied customers, some also said that the product isn’t worth the price.

PRICE: The product is available on the official Migliore Wax site for $89.99, making it the most expensive option on the list.

ONLINE PRESENCE: If you check out Migliore Wax official website, you’ll find links to all of their social media pages including those on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their Instagram page has over 21 thousand followers and if you check it out, you’ll find plenty of user-written posts about their ceramic coating product.

Shield One Ceramic Spray

6. Shield One Advanced Nano Hydrophobic Coating

The product developed by ShieldOne is another option you might want to consider. The people behind the brand have designed this hydrophobic coating as they want to create a product that excels at repelling water. If that’s what you’re looking for, Shield One Ceramic Spray may be the right product for you.

Why It's Our Sixth Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: As you can imagine, Shield One Ceramic Spray does an amazing job of protecting your truck from water. It can be applied to all outer parts of the vehicle, including windows and plastic components. It doubles as a glass cleaner and a clay bar lubricant. The spray is also easy to apply and most track owners shouldn’t have trouble doing so. The only drawback is the fact that Shield One spray is only a short term solution as it lasts about six months.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Rated 4.4 out of 5, Shield One Ceramic Spray indeed is one of the best options among truck ceramic coating products. However, most customers have an issue with the amount of time it takes before the product has to be applied again as most vehicle owners look for longer-lasting solutions.

PRICE: Shield One Ceramic Spray is available on the Shield One site. The product is currently on a discount and you can get it for $27.95. The original price we found on their website is $36.95.

ONLINE PRESENCE: While their Instagram and Facebook pages could definitely use more followers, you can find contact us and FAQ pages on the Shield One website.


No products found.


8. TriNova Ceramic Spray Coating

TriNova ceramic coating spray is another product that simply had to find its way on our list. The product works well on trucks, as well as on cars and motorcycles. The manufacturer claims it’s the ultimate wax substitute. The product can be applied to all outer parts of your truck, including glass and wheels.

Why It's Our Eighth Pick

PRODUCT QUALITY: TriNova ceramic spray is a product that belongs to the group of more affordable ceramic coating products. While it’s definitely not the strongest product on the market, TriNova does a good job of protecting your truck, considering its price.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: On Amazon, the product has a 4.2 rating out of 5, which is more than enough considering its price. Customers who’ve left negative comments said the product was easy to apply but they weren’t necessarily satisfied with the final result.

PRICE: At the moment, TriNova ceramic coating spray is available on Amazon for just $19.97. If you don’t like the purchase, there’s an option to get your money back.

ONLINE PRESENCE: TriNova is on all major platforms. They’re not as active on Twitter but they post regularly on Instagram and that’s where they have almost 2.5 thousand followers. There’s also a TriNova Instagram shop. While their ceramic coating product isn’t available on Instagram, you’ll be able to find quality truck cleaning kits in their shop.

The bottom line

Ceramic coating your truck is an ideal way to protect its outer parts and make it shine. All products on our list are DIY products and no truck owner should have trouble applying them themselves. Starting a ceramic coating project is guaranteed to be fun and give you a sense of satisfaction. If you decide to do so, using any of the truck ceramic coating products on our list will result in a positive experience. We hope that each review in this post will provide you with enough insights and help you decide on the product you want to use.