Best Timing Lights – 2020 Reviews And Buying Guides

Best Timing Lights

It is not necessary to get a mechanic every time you notice a fault in your car. The problem can be related to your ignition timing. But, if you don’t have a good timing light, then be ready to spend hundreds of dollars on getting it fixed. There are few …

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Best Pickup Truck Accessories – 2020 Reviews

Best Pickup Truck Accessories Review

  In the United States, 6,500 pickup trucks are sold each day, and they are titled as the “heart of motor.” Once you buy a pickup truck, you can’t just use it without decorating it with accessories, because truck accessories are a must. With that being said, you have a …

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The Best Dpf Cleaners – 2020 Reviews And Buying Guides

Best Dpf Cleaners Review

It is impossible to handle toxic exhaust fumes without some kind of technology or equipment to tone the effects down a notch. Vehicle experts and owners use countless technologies to impose the use of exhaust fumes in their automobiles. The most commonly used exhaust fume is the diesel particulate filter. …

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Car Shampoo Review – Top 6 Car Shampoos for 2020

car washing

The days of using dish soap or laundry detergent to wash your ride are long gone. While this may have been the method taught back in the day, today’s automotive paints and clear coats require dedicated car shampoos and soaps to remove debris. However, with so many different car shampoos …

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Ceramic Coating Review: Ceramic Pro vs. Armor Shield IX

Ceramic pro vs armor shield IX

For car enthusiasts, a vehicle embodies both luxury and a sense of freedom. Driving that beautiful and powerful piece of machinery in gorgeous weather is one of the rewards for working so hard at keeping that car pristine and in good working condition. But, the world is given to entropy, and …

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Save $1000’s in Mechanic Fees with this little device

Fixd gadget easy to connect with a smartphone

This new device instantly tells you if there’s a problem with your car, how severe it is, and if its an emergency or not (all in simple and easy to understand terms) – without the need to visit an expensive auto repair shop or mechanic Have you ever gone to an auto …

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