AvalonKing Armor Shield IX Review – 2020 UPDATE

The ceramic coating industry has experienced almost quantum progress in the past few years with many car detailing product manufacturers constantly improving their nano ceramic coating formulas. AvalonKing and their Armor Shield IX DIY ceramic coating kit have made a tremendous impact on the detailing scene in 2020 and that’s why we decided to take one more look at the product. 

We’ve paid attention to every step of the customer journey from shipping to its application to what other people have to say about Armor Shield IX. The aim was to provide as many details as possible so that you can decide for yourself if this ceramic coating is what you need. By the look of it, we think that you’ll like what you find here as much as we do. So let’s dig right into it!

Armor Shield IX DIY Kit

First off, AvalonKing ships their Armor Shield IX DIY Kit directly to you so the shipping time is optimal. Once you make the purchase, you start getting emails from them with all the useful information about prep work for instance. It’s a pretty good solution as it takes your mind off thinking about the shipment and makes you focus on doing the preparation right. But more on that later.

Armor Shield Nano Ceramic Coating

When Armor Shield comes in and you start unboxing it, something that you immediately notice is the rich and exclusive packaging. A matte black outer box combined with a silver box of the product makes you think of a luxury watch or perfume. A pretty good start to a great product experience including the purchase and shipping of course. Then, the real fun starts. 

This DIY ceramic coating kit is full of goodies and all things you need for an easy application of the Armor Shield IX. You get a 30 ml shiny silver bottle of Armor Shield IX which is very sturdy and has a protection cap that prevents the product from spilling. 

That’s the central piece of the kit and along with it you get

  • one application sponge, 
  • three applicator suedes, 
  • one pair of nitrile gloves, 
  • one microfiber buffing towel, and 
  • a booklet with detailed instructions on pre preparation steps, a step-by-step guide to Armor Shield IX application, what to do after applying, drying/curing times, aftercare, and general and safety tips. 

A pretty generous package for a price of $69.99 per Armor Shield IX DIY Kit which is the price at the time of writing the review. AvalonKing has great deals on bigger purchases so please check for the latest prices on the company’s website.


Armor Shield IX remains the king of DIY ceramic coatings in 2020. It’s one of the easiest ceramic coatings out there to apply by car enthusiasts and detailing professionals alike. What’s more, we’ve seen many experts from the industry online who have said the same about Armor Shield IX.

To make sure you get the optimal results from this nano ceramic coating, you have to do the prep work well. That involves a thorough wash (and a pre-wash with a foam cannon if you have one), degrease, removal of contaminants, and anything else you can think of. The better you clean and prepare the surface of your vehicle, the easier and more efficient the ceramic coating application will be.

So, once you prep your car, motorcycle, RV, boat, or plane if you will, you use the application sponge, wrap the applicator suede around it, pour around 4 to 5 drops of Armor Shield IX, and start working on the car. It’s important to apply the coating on one car part at a time as you need to buff the ceramic coating off when it settles to make sure everything is evenly coated.

The curing time of Armor Shield IX is 48 hours and you should keep your vehicle in a controlled environment like your garage for instance during those 2 days. It’s also very important not to wash your vehicle with chemicals 7 days after applying the ceramic coating. In this way, you give enough time to those nano ceramic particles to settle well on the surface of your car and form that protective shield you want it to have.

How to apply AvalonKing Armor Shield IX

Armor Shield IX Benefits

Armor Shield IX uses innovative nanotechnology to protect the surface of a vehicle or the paintwork. Also, it can be used on other surfaces made of metal, glass, or plastic. This means you can use it on the headlights, trim, wheels, and more.

As a protective coating, its main function is to protect the target surface from the elements and environmental contaminants that can damage the paint of your car. Armor Shield IX has superhydrophobic and water sheeting features which means that it repels water and it makes it simply glide off the windshield or any other part of the car. 

There’s another benefit connected to water repellency and it is self-cleaning. The water takes along the dirt or other pollutants like tree sap, bird droppings, away as it washes down the surface. This self-cleaning property is one of the things that makes car maintenance and cleaning easier, which also translates into money and time savings. Also, when you apply Armor Shield IX, the car paint gets an insane glow and shine making the vehicle look even more tight and clean.

Apart from repelling water that can cause corrosion and rust, Armor Shield IX also protects the paint from harmful UV sun rays that can cause premature faded paint.

It also has scratch-resistant properties meaning that the protective layer that forms on the paint is resistant to minor scratches that occur from a car wash or flying pebbles for example.

Crazily enough, it also protects the paint from graffiti. So if anyone tries to do that, the jokes on them.  

Another very important and amazing feature of the product is its durability thanks to its formula which contains more than 84% SiO2 or silicon dioxide, which is a compound that gives Armor Shield IX its superhydrophobic properties. The product is designed to last and protect the paint surface between 2 and up to 5 years! These times may vary depending on the maintenance and other conditions of course.

Customer Service, Shipping, Customer Reviews

As we mentioned at the beginning, the entire purchasing journey is pretty impressive. AvalonKing ships their ceramic coating formula directly to you. For those of you who live in the US or Canada, it’s your lucky day because they have free shipping for those territories. Also, they ship all around the world.

Their customer service and support team are truly one of the most professional and helpful people out there. You can contact them via email, chat, or through social media, or even see if you can find the answer to your question in the Help Center section on their website.

We see that they’re actively working on engaging with their customers and community. Speaking of socials, you can follow them on Instagram together with their 13.7k followers, and on Facebook and Twitter. 

Also, make sure you check out the reviews on their website as you can find more info about other people’s experiences with the Armor Shield IX product and the company itself. In more than 2.1k customer reviews, you can find things like great before and after images and a few videos to really see what this powerful DIY ceramic coating can do.


It all started with a firm belief that the price of quality car detailing and ceramic coating doesn’t have to be sky-high. The people who founded AvalonKing wanted to make a powerful and affordable DIY ceramic coating that is easy to apply. They spent 18 months developing the formula as they wanted to include only the best-quality components for the best protection of a vehicle’s surface.

It seems that they are also working on creating new car detailing and car care products and we just can’t wait to see what those are. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the company has great Ambassadors and Refer & Earn programs. If you become one of their Ambassadors, you get a 25% per sale. You can earn a $15 Gift Card to a store of your own choice (you can find the list of stores on a link on the page) each time a friend purchases their first Armor Shield IX. If you use your link to share with your friends, they’ll also get $25 off on their first purchase. Pretty cool deals by AvalonKing so if you’re into these kinds of programs, check them out.

To sum up

Armor Shield IX by AvalonKing certainly lives up to its name. All the buzz and hype that’s been around this ceramic paint protectant in 2020 is completely justified as it is, in our opinion and without a single grain of doubt, the best DIY ceramic coating solution in the market. You start receiving value from the product from the very beginning of the customer journey. The effects and benefits of this nano ceramic coating are proven, easily seen, lasting, and unmatched. This is how we see Armor Shield IX as it’s a product that will give you the best value for money.