AvalonKing Armor Shield IX Review – 2020 UPDATE

Armor Shield Nano Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating industry has experienced almost quantum progress in the past few years with many car detailing product manufacturers constantly improving their nano ceramic coating formulas. AvalonKing and their Armor Shield IX DIY ceramic coating kit have made a tremendous impact on the detailing scene in 2020 and that’s why we decided to take one more look at the product.

How Do Brake Calipers Work?

How Do Brake Calipers Work

General Introduction: You might have knowledge that the brake calipers are the core fragment of your vehicle’s brake system. The majority of the modern automobiles have the disc brakes on at least the two front wheels. While some of them have the brake calipers on the back wheels. With this …

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How To Wax Your Car Windows?

How To Wax Your Car Windows

Apparently all the car owners consent that owning neat, transparent car windows is essential. On the contrary, there are people who will agree less over the point that how to appropriately cleanse your car windows to get that see-through appearance for the best outcomes ad security. Some people adhere to …

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