Everything You Wanted To Know About Clear Coat

clear coated black car

What is a clear coat and what does it actually do? What to do when it starts failing? Some sources state one thing and others mention something completely different. If you’re looking for answers to these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Wax a Black Car: Maintain the Perfect Paint

black car in a rose forest

Contrary to the popular belief, there’s absolutely nothing in black car paint that makes it more susceptible to scratches and fading. It’s just that the nature of the color is such that it amplifies the look of these relatively common detailing issues. Similarly, black car paint also makes waxing more difficult. Unlike with some other paints, you can’t just slap on some wax and expect it to work. Instead, you need to invest more time and effort into applying the wax to your four-wheeler.

How to Clay Bar a Car and What Does It Do to Your Vehicle

claying a car

Though small, a clay bar can be a powerful ally in keeping your vehicle paintwork spotless. That is, if you know how to use a clay bar. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place – the following article outlines everything you need to know about claying a car, what the clay bar treatment actually entails and how you can perform it on your own.

AvalonKing Armor Shield IX Review – 2020 UPDATE

Armor Shield Nano Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating industry has experienced almost quantum progress in the past few years with many car detailing product manufacturers constantly improving their nano ceramic coating formulas. AvalonKing and their Armor Shield IX DIY ceramic coating kit have made a tremendous impact on the detailing scene in 2020 and that’s why we decided to take one more look at the product.

How Much Brake Fluid Should You Flush?

How Much Brake Fluid To Flush

The brakes on your vehicles are really crucial. Ponder about it: if you can’t cease your car appropriately, what would that result appear to be? We all acknowledge the significance of brakes, however, the majority undergo an insufficiency of knowledge around how a modern brake system operates. That is why …

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Signs And Replacement Of Failing CV Joint

What Are The Signs Of Poor CV Joint

The Poor CV Joint: Signs And Substitution Costs Whenever your car does not run normally then it typically depicts some awful symptoms which signify that there is something not right with the car. It is particularly annoying when the issue is with drivetrain parts, as every blow or thump gets …

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Double Clutching And How To Double Clutch Shift?

How to do Double Clutching

Riding with a manual gearbox is really close to our hearts. This is because it can be a great joy to change gears while driving a car, and the number of individuals says that it makes them feel more in accord with their automobile. However, this may be the situation; …

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