Reasons Why the Car Alarm Keeps Going Off and How to Fix Them?

It is very scary when the alarm goes off. Your car’s alarm does go off someday and you would know the reason behind. That is what we are going to explain it with its solution. Nevertheless, it is a very annoying occurrence not only it disturbs you but several other people surrounding you.

There is nothing being dangerous in it but the provision of discomfort to others is also not favorable. Thus, it just happens with every next car one day or the other but what you need to focus on is how to forbid from the false alarms happening time and again.


How Does the Alarm of Car Work?

The car’s alarm is one significant part of modern cars. It helps you know about the theft or someone who is breaking into the car.

Alarm Utilizes the Sensors to Activate

Mostly under normal conditions, the alarm goes off due to its shock sensors. It senses the “disturbance” above its normal ceiling. Such sensors are fixed in modern vehicles. Moreover, the alarm also goes off due to several other reasons i.e. loud voice, hitting the car with something causing substantial force, or when anyone tries to break into the car.

Helps in Preventing Theft

It generally helps in the prevention of theft beforehand. Many unlawful incidents can be prohibited due to this shock sensor fit in the cars. Nevertheless, the other switches can also be installed in the car’s doors, trunk, and other required areas. This will help to alert the owner of the car if the door is being opened and resulting in the production of sound by the alarm.

Notably, the primitive car alarms utilize the voltage sensors to activate. In a case like the opening of the door or lights being turned on, these sensors see a prompt decline in the voltage, the alarm will give sound. Worthwhile, the button on the key fob also turns on the car’s alarm. This alarm has become a genuine help for all especially when you are lost in a rush of the parking lot then just by pressing the button you will get to know about the car.


Reasons Why My Car’s Alarm Keeps Going Off and Its Solution

Since you have come to know about the reasons behind the activation of the car alarm under usual condition, it is time to discuss the reasons why some alarm goes off randomly and their solutions:

1. A Faulty Key Fob

What is a Key Fob?

It is basically a keychain-sized tool or device that is utilized to lock or unlock the car of your window with just a single press.

The prime reason is that abnormal or unusual activation car alarm is the result of the defective key fob.

What Is Its Purpose?

We have already discussed this device that locks and unlocks your car’s door. For newly bought cars, taking the key fob inside is what permits the drivers to startup the ignition system.

Fault in Key Fob

Moreover, in case your key fob is not working appropriately, then it may transmit the wrong signal to your vehicle. In the same way, it may even transmit this signal regardless of pressing a button. These false signals are what can probably instigate your car’s alarm to go off for completely no reason at all.

How to Fix This Issue

The most rapid way to repair this issue is to alter the key fob’s batteries. If that does not settle it, you could try to rearrange the device or utilize a code reader to probe out just what problem does it have?

2. A Dead or Corroded Battery

The reason behind the alarm going off is the problem with the car’s battery too. It can go off without any warning.

Fault in Car Batteries Can Set Off Car’s Alarms

The battery can result in this issue when there is not adequate liquid in it. It is not surprising that the car alarm was not only made to alert you for the crash or someone trying to break into the car. Nevertheless, it was made to inform you about other issues in your car.

Among such issues, the low power or energy in the battery is included. Similarly, whenever there is low power it does not let the engine start.

Moreover, in some of the cars in case you attempt to switch on the engine with the dead battery then the alarm will surely go off. In this regard, you need to make sure to examine the level of the battery in the car with the voltmeter. Nonetheless, if the car’s battery is showing 12.6 volts then you surely need one new. It will be a mature decision to replace instead of waiting on-road and seeing your car’s battery to die.

Fixing the Issue of Dead Batteries

In addition, there is no point in being worried about the dead battery since it can be replaced with a new one. Moreover, shops or car stores are available with such fresh products. You also require finding such car stores that can be accessible on holidays or emergency times. In the same way, you need to have knowledge of installing the battery otherwise the delivery boy can also do that for you.

Importance of Keeping Jumper Cables On Hand

The “jumper cables” is one necessary thing to keep with you as a car owner. In case, your car’s battery has failed completely due to loss of charge then such jumper cables are necessary to use. In the same trend, you need to have knowledge in this regard such as knowing the positive and negative pole. If not, we are here to direct.

Firstly, link the red clamp to the positive end of the dead battery and practice the same with the positive end of the working battery. Now, take the black cable or wire and join it with the negative end of the working battery. In the pace of joining the other side of the negative end of the dead battery, link it to a plain metal area of the dead car’s engine. This would be definitely a bolt or a screw. Lastly, you need to make sure that all ends are free from decals and dirt.

Now when you are done with this linking and joining the wiring process, the next step is to begin operating the car’s engine. Keep it inactive for a few minutes. Later, activate the engine of the dead car and the inactive one too. Now, once both of them have been running for a few minutes regardless of any problem, it is the moment to disconnect the wires.

Corroded Battery Poles Can Also Set Off Car Alarms

The last reason for the false car alarm is the corroded battery poles. In case, the car battery’s poles have corrosion around them, they will not function properly which is a transmission of an adequate amount of power to the areas required. In this way, the car’s sensors show that there is low battery power and make the alarm’s voice go off.

Fixing Corroded Car Batteries

Thus, you need to keep the battery’s terminal clean and neat from the substances that cause corrosion.

3. A Dirty Hood Latch Sensor

What is a Hood Latch Sensor?

For those who do not have an idea about the hood latch sensor. It is a sensor or basically a device that helps to detect that either the hood is closed or opened.

Improper Functioning of the Hood Latch Sensor Can Trigger Car’s Alarm

SO, the reason behind the car alarm going off is the improper functioning of the hood latch sensor. They can occur due to the damage or dirt in it. The dirt in the hood latch sensor can cause a false alarm. That is why; it recommended to wipe it up before it gets too much of an undesired buildup since this is the greatest assemblers of mess from the road coupling with the car’s engine. The false alarm happens since the sensor believes that dirt or mess is coming from the person who is breaking into the car.

Advantage of keeping a clean hood latch sensor

There is a great advantage of keeping a clean hood latch sensor which forbids unplanned hood openings. In this regard, an upkeep latch sensor appropriately recognizes the outbreak of a person in the car. This helps you being safe and getting thieves being caught. Thus, you need to keep your hood latch sensor clean for which you will need a good quality cleaner and a cleaning brush.

However, even after cleaning the sensor it keeps going off then there is some other issue. The solution to the problem is to disconnect the sensor and reconnect it again. You can find it near the headlights. After being treated this much, if it again does not work properly then you need to take it to a certified expert.



After such a detailed discussion, you now have to have a thorough knowledge of why the alarm goes off. In the same way, you can identify and solve the issue by yourself too to some extent. In case, you cannot help yourself then ask for a professional’s help. Instead of giving others discomfort, spend a little money, and help you come out of this annoying thing.