How To Keep Your Car Smelling New For Longer?

We all want to keep our newly purchased vehicles smelling new for a long-lasting time. This is not a difficult task though, you just need to take care of your car and avoid doing such acts which can cause dirt in the car.

Thus, there are scores of methods or ways through which you can upkeep your car. There is no point in purchasing a vehicle when it would produce a smell of food or something else.

In regard to this issue, we have listed some nine ways that can help you keep your car smelling new.

What is the New Car Smell?

It is not an easy job to make the new car smell nor it does happen accidentally. It takes the manufactures to work a lot on the interior atmosphere to give a better result to the buyers.

Interestingly, every car has got different smell or aroma, however, people have this myth in mind that all of them are the same but that is not true.  

Let us tell you some examples of cars: Car-like Bentley has boat hangar fragrance since in some parts natural wood is used in the vehicle.

Whilst, when the leather or other finishing material is used then it produces a similar smell. Once it happened that the auto manufacturer made horrible substances that led to health issues. That is why these days they focus more on the natural fragrances since they smell better than the room fragrances.

Tips to Keep That New Car Smell for Longer

You need to focus more on the subsequent things in order to avoid bad smell and keep your car smelling new.

  1. Avoid eating inside the car
  2. Avoid smoking inside the car
  3. Avoid keeping dirty pets inside your car
  4. Avoid keeping dirty stuff inside your car
  5. Try using washable seat cover for your car
  6. Use natural fragrance for your car
  7. Vacuum your car regularly
  8. Clean the seats of your car
  9. Try driving with the opened windows.

1. Avoid Eating Inside the Car

Well! It will not look good when you will see the dirt of food or the remaining wrappers of snacks and other food material inside the car. Nevertheless, it will not only give a bad view of the car but can make your clothes dirty too because of gummy bear parts and cracker crumbs trapped with your pants.

Thus, when you start eating inside the car not only it adds dirt in the car but it gives bad smell too. That is why we recommend no eating inside the car and you can better convey this to your passengers too. It will help your car look clean and smell new.

2. Avoid Smoking Inside the Car

Smoking is not a good habit either inside a car or outside. It has got its bad effect on both ways. Emphatically, smoking is injurious to health whilst we are discussing its one aspect i.e. smoking inside the car. Smoke’s smell does not go so easily since it is overpowering and does not vanish like every other fragrance. It soaks into the fabrics, leather, and other materials and last for days or even longer.

Interestingly, the air fresheners also do not put any considerable impact on the smell of smoke since its smell is too strong and already soaked in the seats of the car. You can get to know the strength of it through the smell that remains on your shirt for enduring days.

3. Avoid Keeping Dirty Pets Inside the Car

We all love pets. However, the issue is that some can keep them clean and some fail to do so. Moreover, people do not realize how much dirt they spread if they are not clean and neat pets. In case, people love bringing their pets along wherever they go, then it is essential for the pets to be properly groomed, trimmed, and washed on a daily basis so that they should smell good.

4. Avoid Keeping Dirty Stuffs in your Car

We all have got different routines like I love running and doing some basics exercise and you might love hiking or surfing. These are actually good for health and amusement. But, if you keep your exercise tools uncovered inside the car then it will produce some bad smell.

That is why, we recommend you keep all those wet clothes, shoes and trashes inside airtight bags. These bags will help the odor contained until the time you decide to wash them properly.

5. Try Using Washable Seat Covers

This recommendation is for those drivers who are athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Notably, when the sweat and moisture are mixed together then the odor they produce is bad and stinking. This is not only unpleasant to your sense of smell but proves to be bad and damaging for your clothes and seat covers too.  

For this cause, you need machine-washable seat covers for your car. You need four traits in your seat cover i.e. it has to be machine washable, porous material or breathable, sweat or water-resistant and it can be take off and put on very conveniently.

6. Use Natural Air Freshener or Fragrance for your Car

Fragrances that are made up of nasty chemicals are more damaging than causing help. People who use such air fresheners do more harm to their impression and car than doing well. Thus, we have a good recommendation for you to utilize charcoal air fresheners listed on the amazon store that will soak the bad smells without that horrible chemical fragrance.

7. Vacuum your Car Regularly

This is a very helpful tip for all the drivers. Even though you like taking your pet along with you in a car or keeping food or other things, it is necessary to remove the dirt by vacuuming your car every time you use the car. Adopt this habit just to remove the dirt and trashes out of your car.

8. Clean the Seats of your Car

You will find scores of cleansing products or material for your seat covers either cloth or leather ones. However, you do not utilize any cover seat then it is important to clean or vacuum the seat on a regular basis. It will give your car a good look.

Nevertheless, in case you are not a workout person, then the hot temperature, long drives, and other reasons can cause you more sweating.

9. Try Driving with Opened Windows

In the reduction of bad smell, nature can help a lot. In this regard, you need to try driving with the opened windows and help yourself get rid of the bad smell.


In the enclosure, it is not a difficult task to keep your car smell new since you just need to avoid doing few things and try to upkeep the condition of the car through regular cleaning and washing its seat covers.