How To Flush A Radiator?

How To Flush A Radiator

Does your vehicle often overheat even though you are driving it normally? If yes, then it is a sign that you need to flush the radiator. To be sure about the cause, you can drive it to a professional. You must be thinking, what is the job of the radiator …

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Blown Head Gasket: Causes And Costs To Repair It

Blown Head Gasket Repair Costs

The car repair cost is an unavoidable burden on the car owner’s pocket. When it comes to the cost of a full-blown cylinder head gasket, you should know that the average cost of repairing a blown head gasket is between $1,000 to $2,000, in some cases till $2,500. However, you …

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Signs Of A Bad Or Failing Ignition Coil

Failing or bad ignition coil symptoms

A bad ignition coil can give you trouble while starting your car. An ignition coil transforms the energy in the battery to a higher voltage to ignite the fuel in the cylinder. If your vehicle loses power as you drive on the highway, here is what could happen and what …

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Symptoms Of A Bad Or Failing Fuel Pump

Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms

The fuel pump is the heart of your modern speedy beast connected to the combustion engine. The combustion chambers wouldn’t be able to drive fuel through the series of hoses without this pumping device if you have been driving your car for a while, so it wouldn’t be a problem …

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2 Way vs 3 Way Car Speakers: What’s The Difference?

2 Way vs 3 Way Car Speaker System

The pleasure of playing your favourite track on the way back from a tiring day at work keeps most of usmoving through. The therapeutic power of music at different levels of the volume is irreplaceable. Theright type of speaker system can transform your musical ride. While deciding upon the right …

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What Is 9h Ceramic Coating Hardness?

9H Ceramic Coating Hardness

The world of automotive is full of abbreviations, so much it will boggle up your mind completely. Among these, 9H is the most overmarketed and overrated one with respect to the strength of DIY ceramic coatings. In fact, for some less than reliable manufacturers it is very common to inflate …

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Symptoms Of Bad EGR Valve And Its Causes

Symptoms Of Bad EGR Valve

If you are doubtful of having a bad EGR valve, you should go through the signs of a bad EGR valve to fully understand the fact pertaining to it. Some signs of a faulty EGR also signal toward issues with other parts of the system. So before we move on …

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How To Clean Car Mats?

How To Clean Car Mats

We did commit a lot of time in discussing the care instructions of a car’s exterior. But wait, did we discuss the due care the interiors of a car need? If we haven’t, now we would. While you want the interior of the car to look spectacular and get various …

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How to Apply DIY Ceramic Coating?

How to Apply DIY Ceramic Coating

It sounds so fascinating living in a world where your vehicle would not require any cleaning or buffing because it does not get dirty due to any road filth or bird shit, right? But we sadly do not live in such an environment since it is just theoretical.  However, what …

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How To Paint Your Car Wheels Like A Pro?

How To Paint Your Car Wheels

As soon as our cars start to look weary and old, we wish to get a new, shiny model. This is not only expensive but almost absolutely unnecessary as well. You can use a number of simple hacks to transform your worn-out looking car into a shiny, new-looking vehicle. The …

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