Ceramic Coating for Wheels – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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Wheels are the most exposed parts of our vehicles and the wheel surface is quite porous. That’s why ceramic coating your wheels has many benefits. We know that there are many ceramic coatings on the market and it could be a hassle to figure out which one would be the best for the type of wheels you have. For those reasons, we created this Ceramic Coating for Wheels 2021 Buyer’s Guide containing all relevant product information to help you make a well-informed and right decision. Apart from the most important insights, we believe it’s more than useful to know a bit more about ceramic coatings. Here’s what you should know about these powerful protective products.

Buying Guide For The Best DIY Ceramic Coating for Wheels

What Are the Benefits of a Ceramic Coating? 

Wheels are exposed to all sorts of damaging elements including road grime, mud, dust, debris, road salt in the winter season, and brake dust. Brake dust actually can cut into the wheel finish and create spots where further damage can occur. And the same goes for all other elements that the wheels come in contact with.

Ceramic coatings provide a layer of protection and as they are products that use advanced formulations and innovative technology, they have an entire set of amazing properties.

1. Exceptional Protection:

Ceramic coatings are liquid formulations that use nano-particles of SiO2 or silicon dioxide, silica, or quartz. Once applied, the liquid hardens into a tough overcoat or layer which protects the surface from damaging pollutants. The most durable ceramic coatings have the highest 9H hardness level marking which also indicates their anti-scratch properties.

2. Reduces the Potential of UV damage, Oxidation, or Rust:

The nano-technology allows the sealant to enter the smallest micro-crevices that are not visible to the eye. These can, however, become ideal weak entrance points for damaging UV sun rays, water, dirt, and other pollutants that can cause oxidative damage and rust formation if neglected over time. Also, the water-repellent or water beading or water sheeting properties of ceramic coating is also referred to as hydrophobic properties.

3. Longer Lasting and Cost-Effective:

High-quality ceramic coatings for wheels, paint, metal, plastic, and other surfaces have a lifespan between 1 and 5 years. This means that during this period, the wheel or other surface is protected to such an extent that cleaning them is far easier and faster. Typically, coated surfaces require only soap and water for cleaning which means that in addition to saving time, you’ll be saving money on cleaning products as well.

4. An Exceptional Finish:

Quartz or glass is what gives the protected surface an exceptional gloss and shine, and all mate surfaces a deep glow making them look tight! You’ll be an even more proud owner of your four wheeler. 

5. Can be Used on Any Porous Surface:

Another great feature of ceramic coatings is that, depending on the manufacturer, they can be applied to any porous surface. We’re talking paint, metal, wheels, rims, plastic, glass, headlights – you name it. You just have to double-check with the manufacturer because taking a ceramic coating off is not an easy thing to do.

Are There Different Types of Ceramic Coatings?

Depending on their chemical composition, we have different types of ceramic coatings.

1. SiO2 Infused

These coatings have the highest content of SiO2 which means that they are the most durable coatings and paint sealants.

2. Polymer-Based

Polymer-based coatings are the ones that were created after organic waxes for polishing. They have a slightly higher thermal resistance than traditional waxes. It can be said that they are a synthetic upgraded form compared to traditional polishing materials.

3. Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid solutions are formulations that are somewhere in between ceramic coatings and polymer-based paint sealants. They typically come in liquid spray form and are very easy to apply. However, they offer surface protection for a much shorter time than ceramic coatings, ranging between 6 and 12 months maximum. They are quite often used for maintaining the ceramic coating in crisp condition.

Our guide covers only the hybrid solutions and SiO2 infused ceramic coatings for wheels as they provide optimal protection.

Breaking Down the Ceramic Coating Costs

The ceramic coatings that we’ve included in our Buyer’s Guide are a consumer and prosumer DIY ceramic coatings. This means that we’ve focused on the best value-price propositions offered by these detailing product manufacturers that fit different budget ranges. Price is in direct connection with the product quality, however, you can find fantastic products at very affordable prices.

Under $30:

Coatings in this price category range typically offer a shorter protection period. We’re talking up to 12 months of surface protection. 

$30 to $60:

Ceramic products with that fit into this price range are slightly more durable and can offer protection between 1 and 2 years.

Above $60:

These products are top quality and should offer between at least 2 years up to 5 years of protection against all sorts of pollutants and contaminants. If a ceramic coating does not have such a performance, it can be considered an overpriced DIY product.

Top 10 DIY Ceramic Coating For Wheels Reviews

Explaining the Ranking System

If you’re wondering how we determined which ceramic coatings are best for application on wheels, here’s what we focused on:

1. The quality of the product

Number 1 is quality which is determined through the incorporated technology, formulation, durability, and service life. 

2. Consumer feedback

Product reviews and customer feedback contain invaluable information almost about every step of the consumer journey – from payments and shipping to product results and customer satisfaction.

3. Price

Price often has a decisive impact on our purchase decisions so we aimed to determine which products provide the best value for the price you need to pay.

Please note that the prices in this Buyer’s Guide are the ones we found at the time of reviewing the products. For the latest prices, please check for individual product prices on the links included in the guide.

4. Online presence

The world and the economy have gone digital so the online presence and the way companies take care of and engage with their online communities of customers is an important part of the product review process.

Armor Shield IX DIY Kit by AvalonKing

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C.Quartz Dlux Plastic & Wheels Protection by CarPro

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Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic Spray Coating

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Adam’s Wheel Coating

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HydroSilex Recharge Spray

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TriNova Ceramic Spray Coating

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Gyeon Quartz Q2M WetCoat

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Esoteric Kamikaze Stance Rim Coat

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Final Thoughts

That was our list of top 10 ceramic coatings for wheels and Buyer’s Guide which will hopefully help you make the best possible purchasing decision. As you’ve probably figured out, applying a ceramic coating on your wheels is a worthwhile investment. It not only boosts the appearance of your wheels, but it also enhances their value as they get optimal ceramic protection. Just like a pair of mint fresh shoes that match your crisp outfit. Happy detailing!